Why do the gymnasts' gymnastics leotards hold up so well?

Why do gymnasts' gymnastics leotards hold up so well?

Sometimes in real life or on the TV,you can see a lot of gymnastics trainings or competitions,but have you thought about one thing:Why do gymnasts' gymnastics leotards hold up so well?

Are there any tips to do this?

A lot of people, including me, who have thought about these questions:Why do gymnasts hold their gymnastics uinforms so well after doing such a wide range or difficult moves in a competition? Can their gymnastics uniforms really fit tightly with the body and not fall off or shift?

Sometimes it may be possible, but in reality gymnastics outfits are sometimes detached from their bodies, and they more often depend on their own accumulated experience and professional gymnastics clothes making.You don't have to worry, the designers have designed each leotard to be a professional one that will fit the children's bodies to a great extent,individual cases are used "Butt glue".



What is "butt glue" ?

"Butt glue" is actually a human adhesive, first used in beauty pageants to prevent swimsuits from being ridden on, just like the magnesium powder that must be smeared in the hands before training or before going on the field of play.Gymnasts or dancers often apply "butt glue" along the contours of the leotard to keep the gymnastics suit in place to prevent it from falling off.Our leotards generally do not fall or shift easily, as this can cause unnecessary problems for children or athletes.


Of course, the use of "butt glue" is an additional tool.You should pick a good gymnastics suit to prevent dropping or shifting.The leotards in TENVDA can help your child do this,it will be a "good helper" for kids.

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