A Peek At How Tenvda Design Our Leotards

We decided to invite you into our design studio to show you what's going on behind the scenes at Tenvda. We are unveiling the product design process and showing you how we make tights, from selecting raw materials to sewing models.

Before we imagine new bodysuits, the first step is to meet with our suppliers to discover new fabrics that we can use. Next, our staff will meet to discuss the initial selection, and then the art department will make the final decision on the fabrics that make up the next collection. Once selected, these materials undergo a series of tests to check their quality, including resistance, elasticity, abrasion resistance, washability, etc. Because our leggings are designed for potent physical use, it is vital that raw materials are tested so that we can offer products that have undergone technical review.

Once our art director approves the prototype, it's time to focus on the collection plan. The collection plan defines the product name, size range, and color classification. When the department approves the collection plan, we can proceed with the pattern grading. Pattern grading means converting a basic pattern to smaller and smaller sizes to cover all sizes.

After the prototype is produced in the full-scale range, the research office can perform the final assembly. Dancers of all ages took part in the fittings, providing us with their feedback, and we carefully documented all their comments and criticisms. Many situations are possible: we may have to revisit the original product and its grading or modify some minor details, or the prototype may be finally approved.

The design process ends in the final phase of product development. After ordering raw materials, preparing all the patterns and validating our measurement charts, our factory can start producing new tights models. At the same time, we started planning to take professional photos to showcase our new collection so that we could show it to you.

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