How do I choose a gymnastics leotard?

Gymnastics may involve and require extreme dedication and extensive skills. It is a very rewarding, popular, and competitive sports activity. The attire of the gymnast is also very important for the activity. A gymnastics leotard and apparel that does not fits well to the body of the gymnast may cause a bad or under-performance issue. Whether you are choosing a leotard for an adult or a teenager, the below-given information and article will help you choose the most appropriate option.

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Choosing the Right Gymnastics Leotards

When you want to choose and buy a gymnastics outfits, there are many factors and aspects to consider including sparkles, prints, foils, and diamantes. However, you may also need to consider aspects such as the occasion when the gymnastic clothes will be worn, and the level of the gymnast. For a gymnast who is just beginning, a very fancy leotard may not be an appropriate choice. The more expensive, sparkly, and jewelry gymnastics uniforms would be a good option for the more experienced gymnast. Also, the styling taste and preferences of the gymnasts change when they join a club and establish an identity. Sometimes the clubs also have their colors for the gymnastics competition leotards that a gymnast should buy and wear.

The Competition Leotards versus the

Gymnastics Leotards

When you are choosing gymnastics leotards for the training session, the tank or the sleeveless ones are a good option. They are cooler and seem to be more comfortable and freer due to their sleeveless design. During the competition, the gymnasts often wear long-sleeved gymnastics gear. On the other hand, the unitard is the preferred choice for male gymnasts. This male version of the leotards can be identified by its shorts that run up to the thighs. During the competition, the girls/women prefer the sparkly leotards in a majority of cases. The best leotard stores offer exciting and new leotard styles every year and in the different seasons as well. These styles may also include the "limited edition" versions that help gymnasts look a lot better and bolder when they showcase their skills on the gymnastic mats. 

The Fit Of The Gymnastic Leotard

The fitting of the gymnastics leotard for the body of a gymnast is highly important. Ideally, it should provide for the most comfortable fit in the form of stronger solutes and comfortable seats. The body motions should not be interrupted by the gymnastic costume and the leotard. However, if your leotard is too tight, you may not be able to conduct many of the moves in a comfortable way. Most gymnasts prefer loose leotards for their training sessions. However, while on the mat and while performing at the competition, a tighter fit is desired. A tight fit will ensure that the gymnast can better demonstrate the precision that he or she wants to exhibit to the audience and the judges. Some other important leotard considerations include the covering of the seat and the fitting of the sleeves. The best sports shops and leotard retail companies can offer new performance fabrics that are more winning, stretchable, and shining. You can also easily buy good-quality gymnastic shorts, which can be worn beneath the leotard (the gymnastics clothes) during your training sessions.

This Size Of The Gymnastics Uniforms

Leotards are gymnastics uniforms sold based on the total height and weight figures of a gymnast. You need to measure the gymnast from the head to the toe region of the body. Also, measure other body areas including hips and chest for their circumference. Knowing the weight of the gymnast will also help you choose a good and right size gymnastic leotard. Most of the stores will offer you a variety of leotards based on the measurement. They will also provide you the detailed size guides that you can use to choose and buy the best leotard for a gymnast. Another important aspect of choosing a leotard is that the girth of the costume should provide for unrestricted movement of hands when the gymnast raises his/her hand. The new leotards with simple fabrics and single colors are good for the dance sessions. Girls can use them every day, and it is also highly durable. Still, you should ensure that the fabric is breathable, as anybody would want to feel comfortable during training and the performance.

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Popular Types of Gymnastic Leotards

Some of the popular and common types and varieties of gymnastics leotards are given below.

 Foil Paneled Leotard: a foil panel gymnastic leotard is popular among gymnasts because of its bold prints and colors. These leotards have metallic panels and sections. The fabrics at the front have an eye-catching design. The foil panels make them stand out as the popular and common leotard for gymnastics. However, a gymnastic leotard with a foil or metallic print may not be extremely comfortable when compared to other types of leotards and may seem a bit tight to the gymnast. You should consider this aspect while purchasing a foil paneled leotard. If you are choosing a leotard for the competition, you can go for one with metallic or rhinestone fabrics. 

All-Over-Printed Leotard: as the name suggests, the all-over-printed leotards have prints throughout the design of the gymnastic fabric and clothing. The extensive colors and prints make it quite popular among gymnasts. However, these leotards are preferred for the training sessions, and not for the competition scenarios. The leotards have typically got a tank sleeve style. During training, gymnasts can wear their wilder ideas as well by choosing the all-over-printed leotards. These aspects make the printed leotards popular and one of the best sellers. They are also offered by leading brands in the business segment. 


The different gymnasiums require that the gymnasts and the girls wear leotards when they undergo their training sessions. It may be a requirement for dance classes as well. Leotards are highly functional garments that can improve your performance during the training session as well as in a competition. Therefore, you must factor in all the important aspects (including materials and size) when you are purchasing a perfect leotard for your gymnastics.

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