Our Story

We started Tenvda with a simple belief: Gymnastics is hard, but shopping for your gymnast shouldn’t be.

We were moms-to-be, working at a kid's sports accessories when we met. After our babies arrived, all of us fell in love with gymnastics. We shared the experience of training our daughters’ basic skills together. Endless hours of researching and shopping for the right items to ensure they would be happy and comfortable was overwhelming.

We know first-hand how overwhelming and confusing shopping for kids can be as their needs constantly evolve with growth. The current kids’ shopping options lack expert curation and testing. And do not provide personalized guidance around a child’s own developmental patterns, when in reality, each child is unique and ever-evolving.

That is why we created Tenvda with better leotards for kids, and an easier way of shopping for parents. Through our team testing and improvement, we want to remove the guesswork, mental load, and heavy-lifting out of finding the suitable gymnastics leotards for your kids at every size and stage, so that you can spend more on the things that matter.

Gymnastics is a river and it needs a bridge, and we are honored to be part of yours.

Alice and Jenny

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