What gymnasts spray on the uneven bars?

The uneven bars is one of the events in gymnastics.But sometimes in the live or TV broadcast footage will see gymnasts will go to the uneven bar in the competition there sprayed something,is that water?Or is it something else? 

What's that?

It was water,but not exactly water.They added something else to the water,like resin.

Why add resin?

If you spray water on the uneven bar,it will become more and more wet,so you will add some resin.When they complete their movements,they need a good grip,and the resin provides them with that grip.

Is there something else instead?

Sugar syrup or melted gummy bears should be fine.Wouldn't that be a foul?According to international gymnastics rules,this is allowed as long as it doesn't leave a mark on the carpet.There are other things like gymnastic chalk that are also available.Gymnastics chalk is actually magnesium chalk,but it is made to look like "chalk",which is not allowed to be placed directly on the equipment,but on the gymnast's hands and feet and other locations.Gymnastics chalk will absorb sweat,making it easier and safer for gymnasts to complete their moves.Gym chalk is not like regular classroom chalk or sidewalk chalk,so this is something you need to have some access to in order to buy.

Baby powder should also be okay,right?No,it's not working.Although baby powder absorbs sweat,it can actually weaken a gymnast's grip and have a detrimental effect on the gymnast because it reduces friction.

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