How do you go to the bathroom in one piece swimsuit?

I believe many people are curious about one question: how do girls go to the bathroom in one-piece swimsuits?They go to the bathroom is not very troublesome?

The best way or the only way

The best or only way is to pull the crotch of the one-piece swimsuit to the side or take off the one-piece swimsuit around the knees and then solve it.

If the crotch of the one-piece swimsuit is pulled to one side,doing so may stain the crotch,and it may not be convenient to clean up.

Unethical behavior

Some people may be in a sudden hurry while swimming,and they use a more outrageous solution:to settle in the pool.They are unhygienic and unethical,because the pool is a public place,although you may solve in the pool will not be found,but this is an unethical behavior,polluting the water quality of the entire pool,but also bring trouble to the swimmer!

New Swimwear Style

Because of the inconvenience of wearing a one-piece swimsuit to the bathroom,so now there are many new one-piece swimsuits appear,that is,the waist of this one-piece swimsuit with removable buttons,which provides a great convenience.

This new one-piece swimsuit brings great convenience,but therefore also reduces a lot of materials,so it may cause exposure or is unable to provide the original swimsuit to bring a good wrappability and security.


If you are actually an ordinary swimmer,you can try to buy new-style swimsuits (if available),but if you are a professional,do not choose these new-style swimwear.There are many styles of bathing suits for you to choose from TENVDA

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