How to put on your swimsuits

When you buy a one-piece swimsuit will not wear how to do?Do not worry,here is a guide to teach you how to wear.


First of all,when you buy a one-piece swimsuit from TENVDA,you will first find the front and back of this swimsuit after you receive it,this should be easy to identify,generally the collar is high in front.Like this:

                                                              This side is the front


After finding the front and back of the bathing suit,place the back of the swimsuit facing you on the ground.Then put your feet through the crotch of the swimwear.


The next thing is to bend down and pull the swimsuit up,where it is important to note that when you pull it up,do not use your nails to pull the swimsuit up,as this will only cause damage to the fabric.


Once you have successfully completed these steps,you can continue to pull the swimwear up to the chest level.After pulling it up to the chest position,if the girl's swimwear is strappy,you will put your head through the neck opening of the swimsuit and tie the straps tightly at the back of the neck.

If it is not a strappy type,you put your head through the neck opening of the bathing suits,adjust the elasticity and stretch the swimsuit,especially the position of the crotch and chest,to fit the body well.Of course,the arm should also pass through the corresponding position.


When you finish these,congratulations,you get a very nice one piece swimsuits,you can go ready for training or competition.

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