Can I dress a dance leotard for swimming?

The fabric of dance leotards and swimwear are very similar,sometimes even using the same fabric.So,this can make us question:can we wear dance wear to swim?

Why can't you swim in a ballet leotard

Ballet leotards are generally not intended for swimming,and although the fabrics used are similar,leotards are not designed for use in the water.Because of this the leotard may become discolored and the stitching may dissolve in chlorinated water.Swimwear is designed to keep water away from the body as much as possible.

Many people may have worn ballet tights while swimming,which is common,and probably when no real swimsuit is available,the beautiful colors,similar fabrics and great fit make it the perfect choice. 

What's the difference

The difference between a swimsuit and a ballet leotard is the way they are made.While the two may look similar,ballet leotards are usually made using nylon or spandex,and some leotards are made of soft cotton.Swimwear,on the other hand,is made using a polyester spandex blend.Polyester and spandex are fast-drying fabrics,so using them for swimwear is a good choice.

And most pools use chlorine for sanitary purposes,and if you use a ballet leotard in your pool, it may lose its color.


When you are dancing,it is best to use dance wears,because dance leotards are designed to meet the use of dance,if wearing other clothes,it may cause injury.Of course,swimming is also,it is best to wear a professional swimsuit.

What if I don't have a bathing suit when I swim?Swimming is relatively popular,so the requirements for the dress code may not be so standard,if there is usually no swimsuit when swimming,you can try to wear board shorts and tank tops.

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