The history of swimsuits

The history of swimwear traces the evolution of men's and women's swimwear styles over time and between cultures.But it also touches on a lot about social and religious attitudes towards swimwear or swimming.

Swimwear first appeared in

In the British spa town of Bath,women in the 1600s wore billowing garments made from canvas that were designed to fill up with water and obscure their figures.Massive outfits like these remained popular into the 1800s

Not Accepted

A long time ago,swimming was forbidden by many people because it required nudity or the removal of underwear,and many people could not accept this.So,although many people like to swim,they wear clothes that are commonly worn on land to swim in order to be able to swim.


As times changed,so did people's perceptions,and a breakthrough finally occurred around the 1920s,when the term "swimsuit" was first used,and the swimsuit has become practical with it.

Swimwear styles

Now the common swimsuit style has these kinds of:

One Piece Swimwears:This style of swimsuit is more conservative,and most of its active styles stay in place better than two-piece suits,so they're great for sports like diving,body surfing or stand-up paddle boarding.


Bikini:Includes classic triangle tops,bra or bra-style tops.The bikini style is a little more destructive,just like its origin.

The bikini was invented in 1946 by Frenchman Louis Réard,who was inspired by the aftermath of World War II and was boycotted by many when it was first made because it was too revealing.

How did the name Bikini come about?Around 1946,the United States tested the first atomic bomb on Bikini Atoll,a small group of islands in Oceania known locally as "Pikinni",so Réard says his bikini is as "small and destructive" as the bomb itself.

Tankini:Its style is very similar to a bikini,but it's different from a bikini in that it covers the entire abdomen.

Selecting a swimsuit

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