Some things about gymnasts

How much do you know about gymnasts?How much do you know about the body of gymnasts?

Height of gymnasts

Do you think gymnasts are naturally so short? In fact,it is not,just because they need to be trained at a very young age,so they are generally short,but short for gymnastics is quite convenient,gymnastics is the need for short athletes to complete is the best.

Everyone has no control over how tall they can grow,because the "genetic height potential" generally comes from the parents.But they need to be trained for a long time,so this causes them to be short.

Weight control

Gymnasts need to keep their weight under strict control,if they are too heavy it will affect the speed of the body and the quality of the completed movements,and conversely, too light will do the same,so their weight should not change too significantly.

They can't control how and when they gain weight,they can only control that the changes in weight and body fat percentage are not too pronounced.But excessive control can delay the body's development and growth,and delayed growth and development can only lead to impaired health,more frequent injuries,and a shorter life expectancy in sports.


The changes in their adolescence are the same as those of ordinary people,except that because they need constant training,their adolescence will be relatively boring.Girls will also have physiological phenomena,which is a change in the human body,is very normal,they just need to deal with it calmly,without too much embarrassment.

Weight loss

They also need to lose weight.Because everyone has "cellulite" in their bodies,they actually need to lose weight and fat a bit like fitness,they need to "quantify weight loss and fat loss".

What is "quantify weight loss and fat loss"? "quantify weight loss and fat loss" is need to control the calories of the food and water you consume every day in a fine-grained way.This aspect is strictly monitored by the trainers,as changes in body fat percentage and weight changes can affect the trainers'training programs and may require them to reschedule.They need to "monitor" the athlete's body on a daily basis.

In summary

Athletes have to pay more than normal people,they are like in "prison" every day,being "monitored" everything,but also almost every day to repeat the same thing left.They can persevere is not easy,and still to persist for so many years.So don't blame the athletes for one game or one mistake,they didn't mean to cause the mistake either.


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