Can female gymnasts do their nails

In the competition,female gymnasts do not seem to do nail art,because the rules do not allow it or they do not want to do?

Not suitable

Because gymnastics requires gymnasts to use their hands to grasp the apparatus to complete the movement.Imagine,when a female athlete did a manicure to go to the game,in the game to grasp the apparatus,the nail broke,which may not only be deducted points,and may affect their own and the team's performance,more likely to cause unnecessary danger to occur.

No respect for the competition

In the eyes of the judges and some spectators,the competition is a pretty serious matter,and the rules and regulations of the competition need to be strictly observed,so in their view,the behavior of female gymnasts with nail art to the competition may be a little disrespectful to the game.Do not rule out the future for better viewing effect on female gymnasts with nail competition this rule will be relaxed. 

Unfair and insecure

Nail art is now very common and almost all women around the world are pursuing it.However,female athletes or female gymnasts are basically not allowed to do nail art,nail polish is also not allowed,except maybe artistic gymnastics,according to the official gymnastics competition rules,nail polish or nail art is actually deductible points.

This is obviously unfair,because every woman has a love of beauty,and so do female gymnasts, who may be trying to add a little fun to this boring competition.But they can try to propose to the organizing committee,and maybe soon,their opinion will be adopted to try to make some changes for gymnastics.


For the unfair behavior on the field to raise,but before making changes or to comply with the rules and regulations.The love of beauty is something that every woman has,but it is better for athletes to train and compete well for themselves,for their team and for their country.


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