Some "small details" on the gymnastics field

Did you find some "small details" on the gymnastics field? What is the impact of these "small details" on the athletes?

Gymnasts why barefoot?

In fact,general gymnastics needs to be performed with bare feet,because barefoot is to allow better grip on the feet,but also allows the feet to have a stronger grip,thus improving the quality of the athletes'movements,so that their movements will be completed better and more stretching.


Wearing socks to do gymnastics will have what effect?

Many people watching the gymnastics competition will say: why this athlete barefoot competition,while another athlete wearing socks competition,which is fair?

First of all,there is no clear rule in the regulation rules of the competition that says gymnasts cannot compete in socks.Wearing socks game and barefoot game did not say anything fair or unfair,it is a matter of personal or team choice.

As mentioned above,bare feet should have a stronger grip,thus improving the quality of the athletes'movements.Although it's true that gymnastics uniforms and socks don't look good together,wearing socks reduces the friction between the skin and the ground,which not only protects the feet,but also helps them perform the movements better.

And socks can also absorb sweat,if the athlete is an easy nervous and sweaty,if you do not wear socks on the field may be more likely to be affected by sweat and slippery,but affect the quality of the action,but also may allow athletes to get injured.

However,not all gymnastics programs are barefoot.Generally only men's and women's free gymnastics and women's apparatus are barefoot,other artistic gymnastics and men's apparatus are barefoot.And in artistic gymnastics,wearing shoes and socks will look better than barefoot.

In general,wearing or not wearing socks is only an athlete's personal choice,bare feet and socks do not affect the completion of their movements.

What is the white powder on the hands of gymnasts before the competition?

Gymnasts in the apparatus to do gymnastics before,often in the palm of the hand and the apparatus on a white powder,this white powder called "magnesium carbonate",commonly known as "magnesium powder".

Generally "magnesium powder" appears in gymnastics or weightlifting events,because "magnesium powder" has a strong moisture absorption effect.Most athletes in the game palms will sweat,which is very bad for gymnasts and weightlifters.The slippery palm will reduce the friction, "magnesium powder" can be used to increase the friction,to avoid slippery hands,because the surface of the bar is very smooth,resulting in the palm of the hand and the bar between the friction is low,the hand is easy to leave the bar, resulting in failure or even dangerous movements! 


There may be many "small details"not mentioned,but do not underestimate these "small details",because these"small details"may often lead to the direction of the game or the results of the game,only these "small details" well,then the chances of success will be much greater!


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