The Olympic gymnasts can make up?

Many people want to know if gymnasts or other sports can wear makeup?

Can athletes wear makeup?

Generally speaking,it is not allowed,because the Olympic games have clear rules that athletes are not allowed to bring makeup to the games.Of course,except for artistic gymnastics and synchronized swimming.

Olympic rules directives governing their appearance,such as how they wear hair and makeup,must be followed or they may be at risk of points deductions.Do not rule out the female athletes painted so that the judges did not notice the nail polish or small accessories in the hair.

Why the athletes can not makeup?

Because they play sports and athletic competitions,this can cause a lot of sweat to be produced.When a female athlete is wearing makeup,the sweat could mess up her makeup,thus blocking her view and possibly causing a serious mistake or risk of injury.Therefore,for safety reasons,makeup is not allowed in sports other than those that are artistic to watch.

Artistic gymnastics and synchronized swimming.

At present, the international Olympic events are allowed to makeup should only be artistic gymnastics and synchronized swimming.

Artistic gymnastics,also known as rhythmic gymnastics,is a sport in which athletes hold light apparatus,with music and body movements,as an artistic appreciation of the project,artistic gymnastics on the shape,costume,music selection,action choreography,etc.,have very high requirements.Every aspect can not be wrong.

Synchronized swimming is an elegant sport with artistic qualities.Choreographed by swimming,technique,dance and music,athletes must make many sets of thrusts,spins and bends in the water without touching the ground at the bottom of the pool.Athletes must wear a beautiful swimsuit that matches the musical theme and coordinates with the choreography of the set,and wear glamorous makeup and a beautiful headdress.

Artistic gymnastics


Although the rule directive states that makeup is not allowed in all sports except for artistic appreciation sports,there are still some athletes who try to wear a little inconspicuous light makeup.Of course,although it is stipulated that makeup is allowed,it is also possible to choose not to wear makeup,which is determined by the wishes of the participating teams.

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