A few of the most basic movements in gymnastics

As a beginner or no foundation at all,you need to figure out these few basic gymnastic movements.Only the foundation is well laid,the later movements will be easier,because all the movements and difficult movements are evolved from these few basic movements.

Straddle Sit

The straddle sit familiarizes gymnasts with a position that will be practiced as a jump on floor,trampoline and beam.This movement will be very beneficial to young gymnasts because it is more common.

While sitting cross-legged gymnasts should sit straight on the floor with their feet in front of them.Hands are then placed on the floor to help them balance as they move,and the legs should be spread apart until they get a comfortable stretch.

Straddle Sit

Single Foot Balance

First stand up straight on the floor or beam tool,then lift one leg off the floor or beam and hold the position for at least 5 seconds.The leg can be bent or straightened and placed in front of them for added difficulty,and the arm can be raised directly overhead or placed horizontally to help the gymnast find a balance point to maintain balance.

This movement is very test of a person's balance ability,balance is the key to gymnastics,all gymnastic movements are inseparable from balance.Of course,it is important to practice this movement on the floor before moving to an elevated exercise beam or regular balance beam. 

Jump to safe landing point

The safe landing point is the one that is safe when the gymnast finishes all the moves and lands on the ground.It can said "ending pose".Learn to land with your upper body in complete balance with your feet,don't lean backwards or forwards,which also means learning how to bend your knees to absorb the impact.When learning,slowly land from a platform at different heights and then use your bent knees to absorb the impact of the landing before stretching back to a standing position.

Forward roll and backward roll

Forward roll:From a standing position they should squat down and place their hands on the mat shoulder-width apart.Next,they should tuck their head,lean forward on their toes and lift their hips to begin rolling.They should roll to the shoulders and upper back,then through the seated position.The feet should be close to the gymnast's seat so they can continue to roll forward from the seat to their feet and then rise to a standing position with their arms extended to their palms.

Backward roll:Similar to the action of the forward roll.

There are many other basic movements are not listed out.There are many more basic movements not to list them all,when you practice these basic movements,you must do it next to a coach or professional,otherwise it will be easy to cause injury.

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