CHILDREN'S DAY Gifts for your Gymnast

childrens day


The second Sunday in June rewinds time for a moment for a celebration known as National Children’s Day in the United States.

This day honors the children in our lives by slowing down our fast-paced lives, turning off technology, and refocusing on the important things.Taking a day may not be enough, but using it as an opportunity to change our family's lives could be an important step in a child's life.

Children look to adults for guidance in their lives. While their personalities are unique, they will develop their own character as they spend time with you and me.

CHILDREN'S DAY Leotards for your gymnast

Buying gifts for your little gymnasts is the perfect choice for Children's Day.

Choose from classic Tenvda favorites and fun new styles for gymnasts this season. Shop by color, theme, and fabric, and check out our new curated Tenvda's New Never Stop Dreaming Gymnastics Leotard Collection for easy holiday shopping in easy mode.

To celebrate the International Children's Day, TENVDA opened a special offer, 20%off on a series of new arrival products.

Turn up and put on this playful children's leotard! 

Brighter days are happening right now with our super soft unicorn perfect tank tights. Decorate your holiday with your favorite things and celebrate the feeling of intimate play with your best friends!

A Better Future for Every Child

World Children's Day provides an inspiring entry point for each of us to advocate, promote and celebrate the rights of children, translating into dialogue and action to build a better world for children.

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