How to reduce the degree of injury

When we look at the field and see the gymnasts completing one difficult move after another,we must marvel at the unimaginable hardships and trials they put in to be able to show this wonderful performance in just a few minutes.

Because the requirements of gymnastics for the body's physical qualities are relatively high,but also this is the movement of more trauma,the main reason is that the movement of gymnastics technology is more complex,but also more difficult to master,and most of them are to practice on the apparatus,once the fall will be more likely to be injured.So,how to reduce the injury?

Full warm-up

Warm-up is the key to every sport,and is an essential part of every sport before.If athletes do not warm up adequately,especially gymnasts,it is easy to get injured.Because their strength is generally greater,the body will be subjected to a lot of force,if not well warmed up or inadequate warm-up,will be a lot of damage to various parts of the body.

Gymnastics warm-up movements on the main jogging,leg press,and ligament pulling and jumping and chest expansion.These movements will gradually "revive" the muscles,slowly raise the temperature,so as to adapt to the intense competition.

full warm-up

Protection measures

In the training,must do a good job of maintenance and inspection of facilities,gymnastics competition scores will certainly be with the difficulty of the skill movements,and the quality of completion is related.

Therefore,whether before training or competition,it is best to check the gymnastics equipment to be used and do a good job of maintenance.

Recovery and relaxation after training

Whether it's gymnastics or other sports,when you're done training or competing or carrying out,make sure to relax.Regardless of the size of the training intensity and the amount of exercise,when you are done with training or competition or after the time,your body is in a tight state,you need to relax,or your body will have been tight and fatigue will affect the injury.

If you are an athlete,you must follow the trainer's advice to relax,if you are an athlete,you must follow the trainer's advice to relax,but if you are an amateur,you can try to perform some traction or stretching movements to relax. 


Mental Training

Training is not only for the physical training,mental training is also to have.Mental training is aimed at how to maintain a normal mind when athletes are in a high-pressure field or in an intense and stressful environment.

In those evenly matched games,the athletes'psychological quality is often a key factor in determining the winner of the game.Who has a good psychological quality,can carry the pressure,who can laugh to the end of the victory.

Why do athletes play well in training,but perform poorly in competition? Because the pressure they bear in training is not as great as in the game,there is no pressure,their level of competition will be able to play to the fullest,once the game often misses,this is because of poor mental quality,not good self-regulation caused by.


Injuries are unavoidable,all we can do is reduce the chances of it happening.Do each link well,treat each game as a daily training to do,do not have too much pressure,so that can also reduce the probability of certain occurrence.

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