What Are the Various Types of Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rhythmic Gymnastics

In the United States and most countries, only women compete in rhythmic gymnastics. Rhythmic gymnasts always play instrumental music on the floor but use different apparatus for each practice. The different apparatus are ropes, hoops, balls, poles, and ribbons. The apparatus must be in constant motion as she moves across the 43 x 43-foot floor, either by tossing it in the air or twisting it around her body. Individual routines must not exceed 1 minute 30 seconds.

Women's rhythmic gymnastics

The women's rhythmic gymnastics competition includes performances in four separate events: free gymnastics, vault, high and low double bar, and balance beam. With the exception of free gymnastics, these events require highly specialized equipment, which is manufactured for women's gymnastics. Tumbling does not use such equipment and does not involve these four separate events. Women's free gymnastics, balance beam, and vault, as well as dismounting from the high and low double bars, tumbling does make up a large portion of the event..

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Acrobatic Gymnastics

Although acrobatic gymnastics in freestyle gymnastics dates back to ancient Greek times, the governing body has only recognized it since 1999. Gymnasts work in partners or groups, supporting each other with their hands and shoulders or throwing themselves in the air as they perform daring to balance and strength moves. Partnerships can consist of one of the following: men's pairs, women's pairs, mixed pairs, women's trios, or men's foursomes.


Tumbling is a form of acrobatic activity that includes flips, jumps, tumbles, somersaults, and handsprings that are combined to form a performance routine, usually performed on a padded floor and choreographed to music. In many ways, the tumbling routine is similar to free gymnastics in gymnastics, although it does not include many of the elements of formal dance. Unlike other elements of gymnastics, tumbling does not use special equipment such as vaulting or pommel horse. Tumbling passes can also be used for cheers or dance routines.

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Rhythmic and Acrobatic Gymnastics

Unlike artistic gymnastics and tumbling, artistic gymnastics and acrobatic gymnastics rarely use tumbling activities. Artistic gymnastics involves great flexibility and artistic grace, rather than the powerful athletic movements of tumbling and artistic gymnastics. Artistic gymnastics is performed primarily on the floor without special equipment such as vaults, beams, and barbells, although gymnasts do perform using balls, ribbons, hoops, bars, and ropes. Acrobatic gymnastics is performed in pairs or small groups and emphasizes strength, flexibility, and precision.

What kind of leotards do gymnasts wear?

There are different styles of tights for girls. They can be sleeved or sleeveless. They can also be high-waisted, or have shorts or pants attached. Leotards with shorts or pants attached are also known as biker or unitards. Some gyms allow female gymnasts to wear tight-fitting T-shirts or tank tops and athletic shorts while practicing.

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