The benefits and disadvantages of gymnastics

Every sport has its own meaning,and just because it's dangerous doesn't mean you can't do it.Accidents and injuries are not caused by sports,some injuries are caused by the accumulation of time and disease,as is the case with gymnastics.But there are many benefits to participating in gymnastics for people of all ages.

1.Increased flexibility and strength

A lot of time in gymnastics training is spent on improving flexibility,but strength training is also essential.Good flexibility means improved jumping ability,while great strength means improved grip and control.Strength training can help condition all muscles and help reduce chronic muscle soreness and pain,and improve the flexibility of muscle groups to prevent injury.The more flexible a person's muscles are,the less likely they are to strain or tear when completing training.

2.Improves Concentration 

Gymnastics helps improve concentration.Gymnastics requires a high level of concentration to reduce the risk of injury.Improved concentration comes from the ability to think independently and solve problems while learning new skills or solving difficulties,so improvements in concentration can be seen at all levels of gymnastics.


Gymnastics training needs to emphasize discipline to athletes from an early age.Athletes must be able to accept and apply corrections from their coaches,and they must be able to complete the program on their own while the coach is coaching other athletes.In addition,athletes need to gain the determination to overcome their fears in order to achieve new skills.

4.Time Management 

Time management for gymnasts is also important.This is because gymnastics teaches them time management skills,and students who participate in gymnastics must usually start planning weeks in advance.Adults who participated in gymnastics as children are usually better at managing their time than those who have no gymnastics experience.

5.Disease Prevention 

Regular participation in moderate gymnastics training can reduce the risk of health-related diseases such as asthma and obesity.Gymnastics encourages a healthy diet,regular exercise and a balanced lifestyle.Gymnastics training also helps children to build strong bones and may reduce the risk of osteoporosis in later life.

Here are the disadvantages:

1.Not growing taller

In the eyes of most people,gymnastics practice=not tall.All national gymnasts whether male or female athletes are generally not tall,male athletes slightly better than female athletes,after all,the strength of men than women to be better.In fact,gymnastics is beneficial for children to grow taller,because gymnastics is a stretching exercise,and they do not grow taller because they may be too early,excessive strength training,which will be harmful to bone and joint development,especially the development of the epiphysis at the joint is not conducive,will affect the development of height.

2.Control diet causes malnutrition

Everyone has a growth period,but if you start to control the weight at this period,it will cause malnutrition for children,and usually cause a lack of body fat,resulting in delayed development.

3.The selection of coaches favors children

Because gymnastics technology is characterized by dexterity and versatility,athletes need to be as light as a swallow in order to perform difficult tumbling and stunts,if the athletes are small and short,their body weight is relatively low,then the landing action will be more stable,the advantage will be more obvious,so they can get a higher ranking.Therefore,the initial selection of athletes in the coach will pay special attention to the innate conditions,just like basketball coaches pick the children who can grow taller.

4.Injury and illness

Behind the glamour of each gymnast is certainly a myriad of injuries,there are major injuries and small pains,these small pains may bite the bullet and get over it, but may bring trouble to later life,these chronic pains,is experienced by gymnasts,although it can usually be controlled through ongoing rehabilitation and physical therapy

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