How to wear gymnastics leotards outside the gym

Every gymnast loves a cute leotard, and with summer approaching, you might start living in one every day! Here are some cute ways to get your Leo in and out of the gym.

gymnastics leotards

Use your gymnastics leotards as a swimsuit!

Chances are your TENVDA leotards have the right shape and are made of the right material to double as a swimsuit! Wear your super cool gymnastics outfits throughout the sunny summer days. But be careful! Some gymnastics clothes are made of materials that aren't suitable for swimming! Keep your mysterious, shiny, and frustrating leotards out of the pool!

The most obvious time to fashion girls gymnastics leotards is during gymnastics practice! Whether you're working out with your team at the gym or home for extra practice, your leotard is the perfect outfit. You can wear your Leo alone or with gym shorts!

Stylish workout attire!

Finally, your TENVDA Designs Gymnastics Leotard is the perfect outfit for relaxation and play! Whether you're playing outside or hanging out indoors, your TENVDA Gymanstics Appreal will play and lounge with you. It's lightweight, stretchy, comfortable, and incredibly stylish!

How do you style your skinny jumpsuits in and out of the gym? Write them in the comments below!

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