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The 2022 winter Olympic games were carried out successfully in Beijing despite fear of the spread of the COVID-19 virus, a global pandemic since its outbreak in 2020. This was a great history as it was another Olympic event successfully carried out during the pandemic. However, to control the spread of the virus, only staff, athletes, and journalists were allowed to enter and settle inside the enclosed area. They were not allowed to interact with the local population when participating in the games. In addition, during the audience performance by the athletes, only a small number of fans were allowed to attend.

There were strict rules of the entrance, which involved having a certificate proof of being vaccinated against the virus, and also a test proves that you are free from the virus. Other measures set aside to control the spread of the virus were strictly followed by all the people who attended the Olympic games, including the athletes, staff, journalists, and fans. These practices have made the 2022 Olympic games memorial today, with many participants winning medals and filled with joy and despair despite fear of covid-19.

What was your favorite part of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics?

Many favorite moments in the 2022 Beijing Olympic games made the games more enjoyable. However, speedskating was my favorite part of the 2022 Olympics. These athletes put more effort into the games, making them deliver stunning results. Most skaters looked confident when performing, leaving fans cheering up with great joy.

For instance, the confidence shown by Erin Jackson, who is an American skater, made the audience calm and attentive. This made her win the gold medal in 500 meters speedskating. This was also historic as she became the first woman with black African skin to win a gold medal in women speedskating in the winter Olympics. She was ranked top participant in the 500 meters women speedskating from the beginning to the qualifying trials during her entire race. In addition, her stunning performance brought joy to Americans as the last time an American woman won this medal in 500 meters women's speed skating was in 1994.

What was your favorite event to watch?

The most favorite event to watch at the Olympics was the men's skating, where Nathan Chen made it to his level best after producing a poor result in the 2018 games. The American skater delivered a stunning performance that made him a champion in the season. This made break a world record by scoring 113.97. The performance of the American left many fans clapping their hands tirelessly. Among the talented skaters that participated in the game, Nathan Chen's performance was short and full of fun as he closed the skating session of the day. He made everyone calm and attentive when he started skating due to his amazing performance, proving his great confidence in the game.

On the other hand, the pairs of figure skaters from China were also victorious. The skaters managed to take gold by delivering a stunning performance that attracted viewers' attention. This was a greater achievement for the host country as Sui Wenjing and Han Cong skaters got crowned on their home ground. The two giant skaters struggled to pull together during their entire program despite Sui Wenjing facing some jump wobbles and eventually winning the Gold. This historic performance left local fans cheering up and filled with joy.

If you were to compete in the Olympics, Summer or Winter, what sport would you compete in?

If I could stand a chance to participate in the Olympic games, I would participate in the men skating competition. This competition always attracts more fans due to the unique way. I am always inspired by athletes who participate in skating, especially ice speed skating. How the Olympic skaters use the sticks during ice skating makes me proud of them. In addition, the confidence they show when playing makes me love the game most. For instance, my favorite men skater in the Olympic games, who won the gold medal, portrayed some amazing features of this game. The confidence he showed why playing the game made me believe in the game.

On the other hand, skating is always important for muscle and joint health. It ensures that nearly all the muscles in the body are working, which makes you feel more flexible. This will also build up more muscles in your legs and abdomen. Above all, it also improves your coordination, weight, and balance by making your muscles stronger. It will also improve your heart's blood pumping mechanism, making your blood circulation easier. For this reason, you will have enhanced blood circulation in your body, which is also important in reducing the chances of complications in your blood circulatory system.

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The Olympic games are always one of the biggest sports in the world. The 2022 Beijing winter Olympics was one of the best winter Olympics. The edition offered tricks, medals, despair, and joy to many athletes who participated in the games. The success of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic games was also made successful by political stability in China. There were no political protests during the period of the sports.

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