What kind of leotard should I get for gymnastics?

There are a few items that children, depending on their age or gender, will need to wear to their gymnastics class.

Most gymnastics classes require children to wear gymnastics leotards. Other gymnastics clothes often allowed include shorts, a T-shirt, and a sports bra. In this post, we'll explore exactly what children of each group (toddler, young, and teen) are expected to wear to a gymnastics class.


Toddler Gymnasts: What Should They Wear to a Gymnastics Class?

Girls (Unitard or tank leotard)

The unitard or biketard, which is a leotard with attached shorts, is more comfortable for a female toddler gymnast and could lead to increased performance. The unitard provides a one-piece garment that would be less likely to ride up or bunch up.

Tank leotards also do the job but can sometimes expose your toddler's underwear or diapers.

Boys (Comfortable shorts and a T-shirt)

There is a reason boys' gymnastics attire has not changed in decades - it works! Boys can move more freely and efficiently in a t-shirt and shorts with no buttons, zippers, or snaps. This also makes it easier for the coaches to help and correct them.

Young Gymnasts: What Should They Wear to a Gymnastics Class?

It's recommended that young gymnasts wear a gymnastics leotard (mostly a tank leotard) to class. Here are the reasons for this recommendation: 

First and foremost, wearing a leotard helps young gymnasts stay warm and comfortable while working out. 

Additionally, wearing a leotard gives young gymnasts a sense of confidence and pride. It's essential for young athletes to feel good about themselves, and wearing a leotard is one way to do that. 

Lastly, leotards offer a high level of freedom of movement and are less likely to catch on to anything during training or competition.

Please note: No earrings or studs should be worn to a gymnastics class as they can be a safety hazard when caught up in the gymnastic equipment. Likewise, young gymnasts should have their hair pulled back so that it does not obstruct their vision.

Teen Gymnasts: What Should They Wear to a Gymnastics Class?

Teen gymnasts may prefer gymnastics clothes that provide better support and are less revealing while allowing for non-restrictive movement. Here are the common wears for teen gymnasts:


For teen gymnasts who like to express themselves through clothing, a leotard is must-have apparel. Leotards provide the coverage and support that gymnasts need while practicing and performing. 

Sports bra

A sports bra provides extra support and makes teen gymnasts feel more comfortable while practicing.


Teen gymnasts prefer to wear shorts over leotards because they feel less exposed and more comfortable. Shorts can also help keep them warm during practice or competition.

Teen gymnasts should not bring earrings or studs and should tie back their hair for the safety purposes discussed earlier. 

Is It Advisable for Young Gymnasts to Practice Without Shoes?

Gymnasts should start practicing without shoes at a young age as there are many benefits to this.

Practicing without shoes allows young gymnasts to feel the floor better. This is important because it helps them develop a better sense of balance and proprioception. 

Additionally, practicing without shoes strengthens the muscles in the feet and ankles. This is important because it helps the young gymnasts stay stable while performing.

How to Deal With Long Hair as a Young Gymnast?

Many young or teen gymnasts have hair falling in their eyes, and it becomes a safety hazard when performing. The good thing is, there are a few different ways to keep hair out of their eyes while they compete:

One option is to pull it back into a ponytail. This can be done high up on the head or low down near the neck. 

Another option is to put the hair in a bun. This is done by pulling the hair into a ponytail and then wrapping the ponytail around itself to form a bun. 

A third option is to put the hair in a braid. This is done by dividing the hair into three sections and then braiding them together.

Can My Child Wear Glasses to a Gymnastics Class?

It's okay for your child to wear gymnast glasses to gymnastics classes. However, they must ensure that the gymnast's glasses stay on while competing.

The most crucial factor is to get the right glasses for your gymnast child. You want to find glasses with a tight grip and fit well on their head. The bridge of the nose should also be snug against the frames. 

Your child can also use headbands to keep the glasses in place when performing.


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