What are the basic movements of gymnastics?


1.Front Rest Horizontal Hanging Scale Lever

One of the gymnastic support movements. It refers to the support or static force movement with the body in a horizontal position. Strength quality requirements are high. It is a difficult static movement


One of the static movements in gymnastics. With the palms of the hands on the ground, head down, both arms and legs are straight body inversion action. According to the posture of the movement is divided into: flexion arm flexion body, flexion arm straight body, straight arm straight body, straight arm flexion body and two-handed inversion, one-handed inversion, etc. The requirements for upper limb strength and body control are high.


One of the gymnastic tumbling movements. Refers to the use of hand support on the ground or apparatus, the body path upside down, and then in the hand pushing support at the same time flip action. According to the direction of the flip, divided into forward, backward, to the side of the hand flip three. Also is one of the basic movements of the support jumping and other projects.


One of the gymnastic movements. Refers to the human shoulder axis is lower than the axis of the apparatus and the grip point to produce a static action. Only with the hands dangling from the apparatus, called "simple draping. Such as the drape on the bar. The hand and part of the body at the same time hanging on the equipment or contact with the ground, called "mixed hanging". Such as a single hanging knee drape. Is one of the basic movements of the apparatus gymnastics exercises.

5.Twist turn

One of the gymnastics air flip action. Refers to the body in the air after turning along the horizontal axis for two weeks, while turning the body around the vertical axis of the composite flip action. According to the direction of the flip, divided into front rotation, back rotation; according to the group body rotation, bending body rotation, straight body rotation; according to the number of weeks of body rotation divided into two weeks of rotation, three weeks of rotation.


One of the gymnastic movements. Refers to the torso in turn contact with the ground or equipment, also through the head of the flip action. Divided into front roll (action direction forward) and back roll (action direction backward). It is one of the elements of gymnastics initiation training.

7.Swing part

A kind of gymnastic movement. Refers to the muscle force, change the relative position of various parts of the human body, can be divided into a large swing, flexion and extension, loop and other kinds, is the most content in the apparatus gymnastics, the most complex changes in a class of action. It is conducive to the development of the rhythm of the action, improve the coordination of the body, enhance the muscle strength and the ability to orientate the three degrees of space.


One of the gymnastic movements. Refers to the whole body to rise up and cross over the apparatus of a class of action. According to the direction of human movement, there are three types of vault, back vault and side vault; according to the posture of the body after the vault, there are leg vault, body vault, body vault and so on. When doing this kind of action, the human body rises higher, the flight time is longer and has the thrill.

9.Hold Part

A kind of gymnastic movement. Refers to the coordination of muscle exertion, maintain the balance and stability of the body, according to the requirements of the space to stop a certain amount of time to complete the stationary position. Such as a variety of draping, support and inversion action. In the process of action completion, in terms of muscle work characteristics, belong to isometric contraction; in terms of breathing characteristics, there are two forms of breathing: compound and thoracic.

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