How do I choose a swimsuits?

Swimming is a very rewarding, popular and competitive physical activity in today's society, so swimwear is also very important for this activity. A swimsuit that does not fit the body of a swimmer or swimmer can lead to poor or underperforming problems. So whether you are choosing a bathing suit for yourself or your daughter, the information and articles given below will help you choose the most appropriate option.

How to choose the right swimsuit

Many people feel that choosing a swimsuit can be a difficult decision, especially women, because there are so many different options and ever-changing style trends every year that it can be stressful, but it's not endlessly stressful.

The most important thing in choosing a swimwear is to choose according to your body type, everyone's body is different. We all have a different body type. It is important to know your body type in order to find the perfect, suitable swimsuits for you. Swimsuit styles and sizes vary by hip, waist and bust, so it's best to measure each to determine your shape.

About how to determine your body type, there is mentioned in the previous blog, you can go to browse.

Choose the right swimsuit

When you want to choose and buy a swimsuit, there are many factors and aspects to consider, including fabrics, patterns, and performance. However, you may also need to consider aspects such as the occasion for which the swimsuits will be worn and the level of the person wearing the bathing suits. For a beginning swimmer, a swimwear with a more fancy pattern may be a good choice. For a relatively experienced swimmer, a swimsuit with better fabric, more comfort, breathability and flexibility would be an excellent choice. In addition, when swimmers join organizations such as swim teams or swim clubs, their styling tastes and preferences will change as well, because sometimes swim teams or swim clubs also have corresponding competitions, and this situation will require the purchase of a uniform swimsuit.

Find the right style

This refers to your own personal style, finding the right style for your body type will help you feel comfortable and confident with your swimsuit and swimming.

One-piece swimsuit: Full coverage to conceal imperfections. This style will cover your waistline and "finish" your figure slightly slimmer. But if you want to cover your waist more fully, consider pairing it with other accessories to give you "extra points"

Two-piece swimsuit:For people with good body type is a swimsuit that can perfectly highlight their advantages

Measuring your size

Finding the right size is crucial to choosing a swimsuit that is both stylish and comfortable. A bathing suit that is too tight or too loose may look unflattering and keep you from flaunting your favorite features. Here's a simple how-to on how to measure for size

Torso: Cross your body diagonally from your shoulders, over the fullest part of your chest, between your legs, and back to the starting point.

Bust: With your bra on and your arms relaxed at your sides, measure the fullest part of your bust, keeping the tape measure parallel to the floor.

Waist: Follow the dotted line to measure the position. Measure your waistline at the narrowest point when you are wearing your underwear. Add half an inch for comfort.

Height: Stand barefoot with your feet slightly apart and your back against the wall. Measure from the floor to the top of your head.

How do I care for my swimsuit and make it last?

If you want to keep your swimwear from fading, proper care can make all the difference. The best advice is to hand wash. Hand wash in cold water and a mild detergent, both of which are gentler on the fabric and help maintain elasticity.

Do not tumble dry after washing, and ideally you should also be careful not to lift the swimsuits up to dry, as this can cause water to pool at the bottom of the swimsuit and stretch it. You should also not dry your swimsuit in direct sunlight, as this can cause premature fading of the swimsuit.

The best way to dry your swimsuit is to press the excess water onto a flat surface, taking care not to wring it out. To remove excess water, you can also roll the bathing suits in a clean, dry towel. Finally, just place it on a flat surface and continue to air dry.

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