Best Baby Swimsuits of 2022

Whether you want to take your child to the pool, plan a vacation to the sea or spend time in the garden, you may be thinking about buying a swimsuit for your child. With so many choices, how do you choose the right swimsuit for you and your child?

As moms, we have spent hours researching the best and safest way to spend time in the water with our children. It's difficult to find a balance between safety, relaxation, and fun, but with the help of professionals, we have selected the 20 best baby swimsuits that you can enjoy in the water.

Here are some of the factors you should consider when choosing a bathing suit for your baby.

How to Choose the Best Baby Swimsuits

UPF Protection

The American Society of Pediatrics recommends that babies under six months of age should not be exposed to direct or indirect sunlight because of the risk of heat stroke.

You may see swimsuits labeled with "UPF" protection numbers. This means a protection factor against ultraviolet radiation. Clothing labeled with a UPF is made from common fabrics that have been independently tested in a lab and proven to block a certain amount of UV radiation.

All fabrics have an inherent UPF. Light-colored or thin fabrics let in a lot of light and won't protect you from sunburn. Fabrics that are woven tightly enough or colored darkly enough will reduce the number of UV rays that hit your skin.

Clothing without a UPF index can still protect you from the sun. Hold the fabric in front of a light bulb and if you can see the light bulb through the fabric, it will not protect you from UV rays.

The UV or UPF rating helps choose the best swimsuits for babies, but just because an item doesn't have this rating doesn't mean it doesn't offer protection.


The fabric of a baby swimsuit should be lightweight to prevent overheating, but thick enough to provide an effective barrier against the sun. The cut can be loose for comfort, but not so loose that the fabric chafes and causes irritation.

Sunscreen is a part of a swimsuit that covers the skin, usually the top half of the body, but sometimes the bottom half. Sunscreen should not be too loose, as loose fabrics do not stay in place in the water and can slow your child down and expose them unnecessarily to the sun's rays.


An eye-catching print or pattern, matching clothes, and cute characters are all elements that encourage kids to wear their new swimsuits.


Two-piece swimsuits are useful for two reasons:

children often have different sizes for top and bottom. A two-piece swimsuit ensures that the swimsuit is comfortable for the child. changing diapers is much easier when only the bottom part of the swimsuit needs to be removed.

However, bikini swimsuits offer little sun protection, so it is better to avoid them.


You should be able to buy a child's swimsuit of reasonable quality for about $20. On average, a children's swimsuit costs between $15 and $30.

Do babies need to wear swim diapers under their swimsuits?

If you are in a public pool or at many beaches, babies and toddlers will probably need to wear swim diapers under their bathing suits. Swim diapers are thin, non-absorbent diapers designed to prevent solid waste from getting into the water. Instead of absorbing liquids like a regular diaper (which would be soaked in about two seconds and not fit properly), swim diapers act as a barrier to containing solid waste.

Swim diapers only work for babies who produce solid bowel movements and don't have tummy problems that could cause diarrhea. These diapers are also only meant to be used when your baby is in the water. As soon as you get out of the water with your baby, you need to put on a clean and dry diaper to avoid diaper rash or uncoordinated pee pee accidents.

Best Baby Swimsuit

TENVDA is a swimming and fitness-loving sports brand known for great prints and colors and high-quality functional apparel for the whole family. TENVDA swimsuits are perfect for beginner athletes.

Baby/Toddler One-Piece Swimsuit



Why We Love It:Bright and beautiful fashion print design
There are many different bright patterns, nice colors and fun prints for one piece swimsuits for girls, very cute and charming bright patterns

One Piece Swimsuit with UPF 50+ Sun Protection


Why We Love It:The high elastic spandex is soft and delicate and perfectly fits the child's body.Swimwear in this fabric, easy to wash and colorfast, is your summer must-have.

Quick Dry Beach Bathing Suits

Why We Love It:Stylish slim shoulder strap design
Slim shoulder straps provide comfort. With no issues of adjusting straps or bottoms, your little fashionista can wear a swimsuit alone.

TENVDA Girls One Piece Swimsuit

The designed to be comfortable and stretchy, bright colors bring safety while swimming, suitable for swimming in the pool, surfing in summer, beach vacations, bathing, swimming and parties.


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