Benefits of the good quality swimsuits

Swimsuit is an essential piece of equipment when swimming,if you swim regularly,you will know that the material used is very important when choosing a swimwear,this will help you improve performance,comfort and extend the life of your swimsuit.


You may think that all sbathing suits are made of the same type of material,but it doesn't have to be.

Nylon is probably the most commonly used material in bathing suits because it is very strong,light weight, and ideal for the body.

Cotton is rarely found in quality swimwear because it is not very comfortable and tends to sag over time,so this is more common in cheap or fashionable swimsuit.

Lycra is used in almost all quality swimwear because it is very form fitting and stretchy,but it is not very comfortable and will tend to mix with other materials.

High-quality swimsuits are generally made of stronger,high-quality materials,similar to PBT,because the tensile and chlorine resistance of PBT is much better than the general material.

The swimwears of the TENVDA are made of soft,stretchy polyester and spandex for infinite flexibility.

Chlorine resistance

Chlorine resistance is also very important for a swimsuit because pool water contains a lot of chlorine,which can be harmful to human health. And with a very bad smell,it can also irritate sensitive skin and cause itching,and it can also damage your swimsuit and make your bathing suit degrade more quickly.Quality swimwear will also look at chlorine resistance,will try to do not let the chlorine hurt our body,if it is not so good quality swimsuits,not only damaged very badly,but also can not protect our body.

The chlorine resistance of our TENVDA swimwear is also quite good,so please don't worry!

Reduced resistance

If you swim often, it's not hard to know that wearing a swimsuit helps reduce water resistance and will allow you to swim faster.This is because compared to other clothing,swimsuits not only fit the body,but also provide a streamlined design,and this streamlined design is an important reason for reducing water resistance.If the water resistance is not reduced,the swim will be very tired and very hard.The greater the water resistance,the more difficult it will be to move,now all the swimwears "resistance reduction" is also very good,especially the quality swimsuits.

Cover yourself

Wearing a swimsuit is not only to promote convenience while swimming,but also to cover yourself,especially for girls and women.If you don't wear a bathing suit,it will bring discomfort to the people around you and disrupt public order.So it should be crucial to maintain privacy and respect when you are swimming or doing anything in public pools and beaches.

Different designs and patterns

A quality swimsuit,its design and pattern will also cater to the aesthetics of the public.Designers are not going to design a swimwear that performs well but has patterns and designs that don't fit the public aesthetic.No one wants their bathing suit to be so "alternative".

Quality swimwear generally offers a DIY service that will allow you or your child to add their favorite colors and patterns to make them.

Others to consider

  1. You don't want to expose your skin to the sun because you might get a sunburn.
  2. Consider also the friction that occurs when the swimsuit material comes in contact with the skin,as swimming requires constant repetitive movements and excessive friction can leave scars on the skin,which may take the fun out of the experience for you or your child and reduce performance levels.

Finding quality swimwear isn't hard

You may be wondering where you can find this type of swimwear with all these benefits,it's really not that hard, TENVDA's swimwear is quite good.

Quality swimsuits may be more expensive,but if you prefer to use a more expensive price to buy a good quality swimsuit that can make you feel safe,you will feel that the money is worth it.


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