How to store and fold the swimsuits

Creating difficulties

Swimwear will allow you to enjoy a relaxing summer experience while keeping you away from the heat that comes with it.If you are a swimsuit lover,then you will have collected a large collection of stylish and popular swimsuits in different designs, styles and fit.However,this creates a lot of hassle for yourself and your parents-how to store and fold the bathing suits.

Why would I store and fold a swimsuit?

Usually many people think:the swimsuit is so small a piece of clothing,just put will not take up a lot of space in your closet.Is that what you think? It's normal to think this way,yes,swimsuits are very small compared to other clothes and don't take up much space,but what if you have more than one or even a bunch of swimwear? Then you may not have this idea.Therefore,it is necessary to store and fold swimsuits in a reasonable manner.

How to store and fold the swimsuits?

If you only have a few or not many swimsuits,you can just store and fold them as you would your everyday clothes.However,if there are more bathing suits,you will need to do this:

  1. You may need to empty the cabinet or drawer where you normally install your swimsuit.
  2. Inventory your bathing suit.Why inventory? Because it is very helpful for the next storage and folding.Put the same type of swimsuits together.Such as: are a one-piece swimsuit will take these out first and put them next to each other,if it is a bikini,put them together with the bikini,and put the ones that have been worn once or twice and never worn again together.And lay all these swimsuits flat and don't let them get tangled up.
  3. One-piece swimsuits are the easiest to store and fold,as long as they are folded like everyday clothes,however,it is best to fold them a little smaller.Then put them in a small place in a cabinet or drawer.
  4. When folding a bikini or two-piece swimsuit,remove the removable pads inside first so they can best maintain their curved shape and avoid creases,and remember to store them in a cabinet or drawer with the swimsuit for easy access.
  5. There are also some swimsuits that are only worn a few times,if you do not like or feel unattractive or uncomfortable,you can take them all to donate,if you feel bad about this, you can only throw them away.

What are the benefits of proper storage and folding of swimwear?

Prevents mold growth

Because of the changing weather,if you don't store and fold your swimsuit all reasonably well,it will breed mold,which will bring trouble to your swimwear and your body.

Prevent fading

When you wash your bathing suit after each swim, do you think so that the swimsuit is clean? No,your swimsuit will still have some chlorine residue,with the seasonal changes and the influence of chlorine,it is likely to make your swimsuit fade.

Maintains elasticity and shape

Girl's swimsuits need to be stored properly to keep them working properly, to prevent them from stretching and to make sure they last a long time.


Do not hang swimsuits.You want to avoid hanging them on hangers.Hanging bathing suits can cause the fabric and straps to sometimes deform.

Separate from bras and panties.If bras,underwear and swimwear are put together,it may lead to bacterial cross-infection.

Do not use plastic bags for swimwear.This traps moisture inside,which defeats the purpose of keeping it dry during storage and can lead to static clinging in some fabrics.

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