6 Swimming accessories for your child's swim lessons.

What do you pack for your child's first swim lesson?

The start of swimming lessons is an important milestone for many children (and often for those who attend!).

Even if you're used to going to the pool, it's not always easy to know what to bring for your child's first swim lesson.

That's why we want to help by explaining the steps you need to take before class and what you should bring to the first session.

Before the lesson

It is highly recommended that your child get to know the local pool and its surroundings. A family trip to the pool is the perfect way to do this and have a great day at the same time!

It may also be a good idea to check with the pool to see what the dress code is for the lessons and if you need to bring anything extra.

Some pools have dress codes, such as no long shorts or a swim cap for kids with long hair.


6 Swimming accessories for kids that you should bring to your child's swim lessons.

You've decided to enroll your child in a swim class. That's great! Now I have to figure out what swimming accessories for kids to bring. It's an exciting time for your child, and you'll be helping them learn an important life skill.

However, you may have questions like What swimming accessories for kids should I bring to my child's swim lessons? Are our swimming goggles acceptable? What about my child's favorite toys? Here's a list of seven things you should bring.

Every child, regardless of age, should have a well-fitting swimsuit. You need to make sure it fits tight enough that it doesn't slip in class, but also not so tight that it is uncomfortable or restricts your child's movement. 

1.A swim diaper is necessary for children who have not yet learned to go potty.

All children under the age of three must wear a swim diaper in the pool in addition to their bathing suits. This helps prevent swimming accidents and keeps the water clean for everyone. Make sure children of all ages can go to the bathroom before class. 

2.A towel should always be on hand to keep your child dry after class!

Your child will need a towel to dry off after class. Even though we have a warm salt water pool, it is more comfortable for the child to dry off after class and the towel will help them not slip when walking.

We also have showers for the students and ask that each student rinse off before and after entering the pool. The child should also dry off with a towel after rinsing. 

3.Swim goggles can help keep the salt water of the pool away from the child's eyes.

Our pool deck has all the tools your child will need for lessons, but you can also bring your own goggles. Although our saltwater pool is gentler on the skin and eyes than traditional pools, goggles will help your child feel more comfortable in the water. 

Goggles are great for keeping chlorine out of your child's eyes. And they can also help improve the child's technique. New swimmers often feel more comfortable when they can see in the water and their eyes don't hurt. 

4.Headband or cap to prevent the child's hair from falling into the face when stroking.

If the child has long hair, tie it with a headband or cap so it doesn't bother the child while swimming. It is best to keep the hair out of the child's face so he/she can see well and concentrate on the lesson. 

5.a sports bag and a plastic bag to carry all the swimming accessories and the child's wet swimsuit after class!

The child must be able to easily carry the swim gear and keep it together. A gym bag works well for this purpose.

Also, remember to send along a plastic bag for wet clothes. In this way, everything in the child's sports bag will not get soaked. 

6.mask to be worn outside the pool to ensure the safety of all our families at Bear Paddle!

We all need to do our part to protect others and prevent the spread of COVID-19.


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