What is Gymnastics level?

Gymnastics levels

Gymnastics levels are designed to help gymnasts understand what level of skill they are at and provide a guide to what skills gymnasts should learn next.Gymnastics levels also determine which competitive events gymnasts can participate in.

A gymnastics level is a status based on the level of skill development of a gymnast.Each level has its own rules and requires the athlete to meet certain conditions in order to be classified to the corresponding level.

Whereas gymnastics generally has two programs: Junior Olympic and Xcel,gymnasts usually advance,but each program has its own set of requirements and rules.The JO program is a program designed for gymnasts who are passionate about gymnastics and want to prepare for advanced competition or aim for the Olympics.Xcel,on the other hand,is for those who love the sport but have no plans to compete at a more advanced level.Both programs are a great way to push gymnasts to improve.

JO program

The Junior Olympic (JO) program includes levels 1-10.The beginner group (Levels 1 to 3) and the advanced or professional group (Levels 4, 5 to 6, 7 to 10), with the advanced or professional group being the most competitive.We mainly talk about level 1-3.

Level 1-3

The first three levels are largely non-competitive.These three levels are designed specifically for gymnasts who are new to the sport and need to learn basic skills,arguably the most basic.And 1-3 levels of action are basically mandatory,which means that if you want to move from level 1 to level 2,you have to be familiar with the mastery of the standard movements of level 1,and level 2 to level 3 as well.

Level 1:Gymnasts must complete floor moves that include forward and backward rolls,cartwheels,split jumps and three-quarter handstands.Jumps to front support mount,stretch jumps,30 degree trapeze pattern,leverage,stretch jumps and dismounting via cartwheel to 3/4 inversion must be done on the beam.On the vault it is required to be on the mat for basic stretch jumps,inversions and handstands.On the barbell,gymnasts must be able to do the casts,the overheads and the rear hip circles.They can choose to dismount with a down swing or a single lap.

Level 2:Floor movement requirements include rounding and rolling backwards.Gymnasts must be upside down and hold for at least one second.Jumps include split jumps and split jumps,both of which must be performed with the legs 60 degrees apart.Finally,a 90-degree heel quick turn and a bridge back kick must also be included.For the beam,a half pivot turn and a more complex dismount must be completed on top of the level 1: a cartwheel handstand.Vault: Gymnasts must jump from the mat pile to the inversion and then fall to the flat back.For the barbell,it must also add a grinder,leg cut and single leg basket swing to the level 1.The dismount can be like a level 1 is a down swing,or for more demanding gymnasts, a rounded down squat with the soles of the feet.

Level 3:This level requires gymnasts to be at least 6 years old in order to compete.Floor routines must include inverted to bridge kicks and inverted forward rolls.Jumps include split jumps and 90 degree split jumps.Gymnasts must do a backward roll on a push-up,and to do a backward handstand right do a round-off,which is usually the first major accomplishment for young gymnasts.The beam must include 90 degree split jumps and straight jumps,as well as having to do handstands and side handstand dismounts.Must also do a front and back hip circle,overheads and single leg deep squats and must also perform a single leg basket swing or grind and dismount with a down swing.They must also perform inversions on a pile of mats with a flat back.One must also do a front and back hip circle,overheads and single leg deep squats,and must also perform a single leg basket swing or grind and dismount with a down swing.

The next 4 to 10 levels is completely different,more complex than the 1 to 3 levels,more difficult,can be said to belong to the "advanced players" level.


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