Why do the girl's gymnastics wear different leotards?

Before saying this, it is important to understand the history of the leotards.

The history of the leotards

Maybe someone will ask where the leotard came from, the name "leotard" comes from a famous French acrobatic performer Jules Léotard. At that time, Jule needs to design a new garment that can help him finish the movement well. So, he created the first leotard in the middle of the 19th century. But at first, it was used as a swimsuit until after Jule’s death.

Why do the girl's gymnastics wear different leotards

As we know, basically all sports or athletes in competitive sports are generally trained from a young age, and gymnastics is no exception, gymnastics may be even earlier, so they need professional clothes to protect them and let them finish their movement well. And some major or special events require different gymnastic leotards, such as the Olympic Games.

Different gymnastic leotards represent different meanings, for example, in the USA, blue gymnastics leotards are for those competing in team events, and the red ones are for those who are competing only in individual events.

The basic style of these gymnastic leotards is the same and may differ only in the design accents of the gymnastic leotard. Some gymnastic leotards may highlight the design because of the country or culture of the country.


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