Why do gymnastics leotards have long sleeves?

Development Of Gymnastics Leotards

Artistic gymnastics leotards with the development of Olympic gymnastics sports and technological advances, gymnastics clothing style gradually from a single simple to diverse and colorful clothing development, showing the richness of artistic gymnastics outfits gymnastics types are diverse, mainly sleeveless type, long-sleeved type, but then participate in dance gymnastics training more long-sleeved models, depending on its characteristics in all aspects.

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Features of Long Sleeved Gymnastics Leotards

1.Keep body warmth

Winter environment training than the previous environment training to come more difficult, you need to challenge not only the mental pressure but also the cold brought on by the body shivering, serious will induce colds and another sickness phenomenon. Long-sleeved gymnastics uniforms help gymnasts stay warm and comfortable to avoid illness and perform with determination.

2.Aesthetics of physical performance

Gymnastics is a strong performance nature of the project, girls gymnastics leotards is a high-fork leotard, the upper body of the entire package is conducive to the movement of the curve, in line with aesthetic concepts, and many female athletes' upper limb muscle line is not very good, however, long-sleeved leotard will cover this shortcoming, so that each gymnast in the performance of confidence and courage to show themselves.

Long Sleeve Gymnastics Outfits Buying Guide

1.Girls should consider their use when choosing long-sleeved tights, which are mostly used for training occasions.

2.Girls' long-sleeved leotards have different fabrics, and should choose fabrics with elasticity

3.Care, for is with two pieces and rhinestone gymnastics suits is required to hand wash

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