Undeniably,gymnastics is a tough sport,it not only requires athletes to have enough strength and flexibility to challenge,but also needs a very important factor-nutrition,if there is enough strength and flexibility,but not enough nutrition is also useless,if there is no proper nutrition,gymnasts will be more likely to be injured or have a lack of mental energy,concentration performance. 

The importance of nutrition

Having good nutrition is not only a factor for gymnasts to perform well and stay healthy,but it is also very important for their growth.Gymnasts know that having good nutrition can give them a certain edge in competition, even if that food is something they don't like to eat,especially those athletes who are picky eaters or eat very little,they are going to try to overcome.

How are they going to get nutrition?


It is best for gymnasts to choose easily digestible foods before a competition or training to avoid gastrointestinal distress.The recommendation is:

fresh fruit+a small glass of yogurt

Breakfast cereal+milk or yogurt

Toast with peanut butter or banana

These are foods rich in carbohydrates and low in fat and fiber to replenish energy


During the competition/in training

Snacks such as carrot sticks and nuts, hich can make them feel tired,heavy,bloated and bloated,should be eaten in small amounts,and gymnasts should communicate with their sports nutritionist to develop a nutrition plan that works for them during training or during competition.

After the race/after training

Many gymnastics competitions take place over several days,so gymnasts need to eat a recovery meal to help replenish energy,reduce fatigue and repair muscles.Foods rich in carbohydrates and protein will help with this recovery process after the competition,like:

Yogurt with nuts

Crackers with cheese or nut butter 

And it's important for gymnasts to stay hydrated.Because when you complete such a high-intensity exercise or action,there will certainly be a lot of water loss,so it is vital to replenish water.This is good to help them restore electrolytes.


In fact,do not worry too much about these problems,if you have a dietitian,the dietitian will be based on your physical condition and training to develop a corresponding nutrition plan for you,as long as the implementation of these nutrition plans basically will not have this problem.

And,no matter what sports or,do a good job of training and diet and nutrition plan,do not blindly to develop their own,it is best to listen to the team or nutritionist and other professional advice.

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