Guide To Stretching Dance Leotards

Ballet gymnasts need to have a lot of flexibility and range of motion to execute the various leaps, turns, and positions required by the sport. As such, it is important to make sure that their gymnastics leotards are properly stretched to allow them the full range of motion they need. Sometimes, ballet leotards can come pre-stretched from the factory, but other times they may not be. If your gymnast's leotard is not pre-stretched, don't worry, this can be done by following these step by step simple tips:

Step 1

Stretch the item in both length and width directions.
This frequently solves the problem of dance bodysuits that are too short. Ensure that you smooth the fabric as you go to avoid creating wrinkles. This will also help the fabric to lay flat against your gymnast's skin. The objective of this step is to make the gymnastics leotard as long and wide as possible.

dance leotards

Step 2

Put on the dance leotards and do a series of stretches.
Ensure the item is under tension where you want it to stretch the most. You may need to enlist the help of a coach or friend to hold the gymnastics leotard in place while you perform the stretches. Some basic stretches to try include:
- bending over and touching your toes to stretch the back and length of the leotard
- doing a split to stretch the width of the leotard
- doing a backbend to stretch the front and length of the leotard
- doing a cartwheel to stretch the sides of the leotard

Step 3

Remove the ballet leotards and repeat steps 1 and 2 as necessary.
You may need to stretch the leotard multiple times before it is sufficiently stretched. Be patient and keep at it until the leotard meets your gymnast's needs. The aim is to have a gymnastics leotard that is comfortable and won't restrict your gymnast's range of motion.

If steps 1 and 2 are not working to stretch the gymnastics leotard, you may need to try washing and drying the leotard in hot settings. This will usually shrink the fabric slightly, making it easier to stretch. Just be sure to check the care instructions on the leotard before taking this step.

Usually, the above procedure is all you need to do to successfully stretch girls' gymnastics leotard. However, if the leotard is still not sufficiently stretched, you may need to wear it severally to help break it in. Be sure to practice stretches and gymnastics moves frequently while wearing the ballet outfit so that it can stretch to accommodate your gymnast's range of motion. With a little patience and perseverance, you should be able to get the gymnastics leotard stretched to meet your gymnast's needs.


-Gymnastics leotards are made of delicate fabric and need to be handled with care. Over-stretching the gymnastics leotard can damage the fabric and ruin the gymnastics leotard.

- Only stretch the gymnastics outfits as much as is necessary. gymnastics leotards that are too loose can be dangerous as they may cause gymnasts to trip or fall.

-Make sure the gymnastics clothes is not too tight. dance leotards that are too tight can restrict gymnasts' range of motion and be uncomfortable to wear.

-Do put it in the dryer after you are finished washing it. Instead, gymnasts should hang their dance leotards for girls up to air dry. This will help to keep the gymnastics leotard from shrinking.

At Tenvda, our dance leotards for girls have been carefully designed to help young gymnasts feel more confident when they walk into the gym.



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