Do gymnasts glue their leotards?

gymnastics leotards

While many people think that the biggest challenge for gymnasts is mastering the difficult flips and jumps, one of the biggest challenges is keeping their gymnastic leotards on. Gymnasts are constantly performing and moving around, which can cause their gymnastic outfits to ride up or become loose. This can be extremely distracting and embarrassing if their gymnastic apparel falls off in the middle of a performance.

Because of this, gymnasts leverage several tricks to ensure that their leotards stay on while they perform. One of the most controversial tricks is using butt glue. But before we get into this, let's cover the basics.

What Are Gymnastics Leotards And What Are Their History?

Leotards are tight-fitting and often sheer garments worn by gymnasts and dancers. They are typically made of nylon, spandex, or a similar synthetic fiber.

Gymnastics outfits have been an integral part of gymnastics for over a century. They were first introduced in 1859 as a practical solution to the problem of how to keep clothing from getting in the way during gymnastics. At this time, leotards were made from stretchy nylon fabric and were meant to be used by men only.

In the 1970s, gymnastics clothes became much more popular and were worn by performers in Broadway shows and pop concerts. The leotards began to be seen as sexy and provocative garments, and many celebrities started to wear them in their everyday lives.

Today, the gymnastics suits is a popular item of clothing for gymnasts and dancers. It's also becoming increasingly popular as a casual item.

At first, leotards were very plain, but they have become more elaborate over the years. Today, they are often highly decorated and resemble costumes rather than everyday clothing.

A Word from a Leading Gymnastics Outfits Manufacturer- TENVDA

A Word from a Leading Leotards Manufacturer- TENVDA

TENVDA is a leading designer and manufacturer of competition and practice apparel for girls in gymnastics, dance, figure skating, and other sports. According to TENVDA, gymnastics gears are designed with high-quality fabrics and construction that offer a snug and comfortable fit. The design team works closely with gymnasts and their coaches to develop new styles and perfect old ones. They utilize a rigorous testing process to ensure that the leotards can withstand the wear and tear of intense training and competition and, even better, stay on during the performance. 

Despite all these claims, gymnasts still use some tricks to keep their leotards in place when performing. Well, gymnasts need to be very conscientious of how their clothing fits and what kind of material it's made out of. But that's not all!

Gymnasts Use Butt Glue

When it comes to gymnastics, contestants are always looking for ways to improve their odds of winning. And for a long time, one of the best-kept secrets was butt glue.

So yes, besides wearing a tight-fitting leotard, gymnasts also use glue to keep their leotards from slipping.

Initially used by pageants to keep swimsuits in place and maintain a smooth and seamless look, Butt glue is nowadays a popular term for an adhesive product used by gymnasts and dancers to keep their leotards from slipping and provide a long-lasting, tight fit for the apparel.

Butt glue is usually clear or translucent and is applied to the skin around the waist or buttocks. Gymnasts and dancers also apply butt glue along the outline of their leotards to make a tight fit of the apparel to the body.

The best butt glue for gymnasts should have the following characteristics:

  • Strong to keep gymnastic clothing in place
  • Pliable and moves with your body without causing too much friction
  • Easy to apply
  • Easy to remove
  • Dry quickly and clear
  • Non-toxic and cause no irritation
  • Work well with nylon and spandex or any other material used for gymnastic apparel

What Other Tricks Do Gymnasts Use to Keep Their Leotards On?

While most gymnasts wear just their leotard- in some cases supported with butt glue- while competing, some will add briefs or a body liner to provide extra coverage and prevent wardrobe malfunctions. This is more common among gymnasts with a curvier figure, as they need more coverage to avoid accidental exposure.

Wrapping Up

Gymnasts have to worry about more than just mastering difficult flips and jumps. They also need to make sure their leotards stay on for the number of movements they make. Wardrobe malfunctions- for many gymnast competitions- are also ground for deductions. And for these reasons, gymnasts do glue their leotards!

gymnastics leotards

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