Best Swimsuits for Babies and Toddlers


Have you signed up for a swimming course for children?

If so, there are many aspects to consider, including the type of swimsuit you want to buy for your child. There are a wide variety of swimsuits to choose from, but not all of them are designed to protect your child. 

Getting your child used to the water is good for his psychophysical well-being. It is also the right time to give your child a beautiful swimsuit designed especially for him. There is no shortage of models for children's swimsuits. The important thing is when choosing a cute baby swimsuit, parents often overlook details that are important for comfort and safety. A child has a right to style and comfort. So, what looks good must also be comfortable to wear. To help you in your search, here are some useful tips for buying a swimsuit for your child.

Which is the best swimsuit for kids?

While adorable swimsuits for boys and girls will melt your heart faster than the sun melts your ice cream cone, according to the Mayo Clinic, the best (and most important) aspect of swimwear for kids is UV protection. You need to protect your arms with sleeves, your face with sunscreen, and your head with hats. Leading dermatologists like Dr. Doris Day recommend using bathing suits with SPF 50 or higher for babies, staying in the shade, and switching to one of the best baby sunscreens after six months of age.

What swimsuits do children need to be based on their age?

Babies grow quickly, and as they grow, so do the swimsuits they wear to the pool. A three-month-old needs something different than an 18-month-old.

Below is a general breakdown of the different age groups and recommended swimwear based on age:

0-3 months. At this age, it's especially important to keep your baby warm and to take care of their sensitive skin. Newborns have particularly sensitive skin that can be irritated by the friction of swimwear. So be sure to choose swimsuits that are gentle on the skin and keep the baby warm in the water. For particularly cool pools, it's worth checking out thermal swimwear for babies.

3 to 6 months. At this age, your baby is starting to play with his arms and legs a bit. So look for a swimsuit that gives him plenty of room to move and keeps him warm (and comfortable!) in the water.

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6 to 12 months. The older your baby gets, the more comfortable he becomes in the water, and the more he wants to test his skills in the water. If he stays in the water longer, the likelihood of accidents increases, so uses diapers. As toddlers get more and more wiggly and bubbly, a neoprene baby swimsuit is a great choice to keep them warm and give you good support for your baby.

From 12 to 18 months. Okay, now is when the baby starts to show a little independence. Toddler swimsuits with floats in the wetsuit are a good choice for babies this age (swim aids for toddlers are not a substitute for proper supervision in the water). Swimsuits at this age are meant to build confidence and help your child learn to swim in the water.

What is the best baby swimsuit for outdoor pools and the beach?

Few things are more enjoyable than lazy summer days by the water, whether it's in a backyard pool (those inflatable kiddie pools are an economical way to cool off, for adults and kids alike) or at the beach.

But with the outdoors comes some concerns about choosing the right swimsuit for your baby.

Swimsuits that double as UV protection are a great bonus. Life jackets are great for warmer days at the beach, where you want to protect your baby from overheating while also protecting him or her from the sun.

For cooler days, there are a wide variety of neoprene wetsuits for babies and toddlers that regulate your baby's body temperature while protecting them from UV rays.



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