TENVDA is a perfectionist, a unique and diverse style, a trusted leader in quality and affordability. Lead the trend and only do the best dance brand!

We are proud to realize our dream here. A focus on gymnastics, dance, fitness, living, and personal expression are all aspects of what we look for when bringing new products into our store. Ultimately, TENVDA is an eclectic and dynamic family.

Sha Mao Zheng street Han Nan District Room 19 1st floor Building 2 Zi Yang Tian Xi Community Wu Han, Hubei Province, China

And our USA domestic warehouse: 122 Wilbur Dam Road, Elizabethton, TN 37643, United States

Here is our after-sale service email: service@tenvda.com.

And also you can contact us by phone: (254)307-0469

Anything welcome to contact us!!!

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