Why swimsuit is important in swimming


Contribution of swimwears to swimmer’s performance

Swimwear is believed to play an important role in a swimmer's performance. In competitive swimming (national, world, and Olympic events), the time gain is usually very small and often requires the help of advanced technology to determine the time difference between the winner and loser. Nearly 90% of a swimmer's energy is spent overcoming hydrodynamic resistance during forwarding motion. Therefore, swimsuits can play an important role in reducing hydrodynamic resistance and the resulting loss of energy during swimming, positively impacting the final result. The development of effective swimsuits is an ongoing process, and swimsuit performance is expected to improve gradually. Swimsuit manufacturers are currently spending enormous resources on the development of swimsuits using new materials and technologies. It is very common for swimwear manufacturers to make claims and counterclaims about the effectiveness of swimsuits. However, there is no independent research to support these claims and counterclaims. This paper describes a comparative assessment of the fluid dynamics of two commercially available swimsuits and the role they may play in swimsuit aerodynamics.

What are the benefits of good quality swimsuit?

Purchasing a cheap swimsuit versus purchasing high-quality swimwear. Is there any difference between these two, and is it worth paying for purchasing high-quality swimwear at a higher price?

This is something that you need to take into consideration before you are going to purchase your next swimsuit. 

1. It Is Made Of Tough, High-Quality Materials

You might think that all women's swimwear is made of the same material. Especially when it comes to clothing that gets wet while swimming. t makes use of strong, high-quality material.

However, this is not true. You should know that when you buy a quality swimsuit, you are buying a sturdy, durable, high-quality swimsuit made from the most durable material. Materials you won't find in any swimsuit. Whether it's a one-piece or two-piece swimsuit. Material that doesn't feel heavy when wet and doesn't take long to dry after swimming.

2. Chlorine resistance

What many people do not know is that swimsuits are not always chlorine-resistant. This means that chlorine from swimming pools can very easily damage swimsuits. This can lead to fading of the swimsuit, damage to the material, and even to the skin if the swimsuit takes too long to dry.

The moment that you are purchasing a high-quality swimsuit, you will find that no matter how much you swim in chlorine, the swimsuit will remain unchanged. The colors will not fade and the fabric will not get damaged. This means the pool will stay perfect much longer. 

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