What Your Child Should Wear During Gymnastics Practice


Dressing Rules for the Gymnast

It is important that the child is dressed in a way that makes them feel comfortable. Many girls like to wear a leotard with girls' gym shorts or even a gymnastics leotard to ensure they are dressed appropriately for any event. 

While it is common for gymnasts to compete in a long-sleeved leotard, many feel more comfortable in a tank top leotard during practices and lessons. Tank leotards are easier to find on the market and offer great freedom of movement for gymnasts of all ages. 

Finding the right fit and size for your gymnast is crucial to their comfort. Don't be afraid to try on different sizes to make sure she can run, flip and swing in her brand new leotard and gym shorts. And don't forget: Destira offers a FREE exchange the first time to help you find the perfect fit. 

There are two main types of leotards:

Training leotards

Competitive gymnastics leotards

In general, training leotards are comfortable for most gymnasts. So the good news for beginners is that they should easily find a comfortable leotard. In fact, gymnastics leotards tend to be a little looser and are usually sleeveless. When a gymnast joins the team and competes, she only needs a leotard for competitions. Most gymnastics clubs have a specific pattern that gymnasts must wear. This way, the clubs are easily recognizable.

Gymnasts often say that leotards for competition are less comfortable, and there are several reasons for this. During competitions, a gymnast is disqualified by the judges if the leotard does not fit properly or if the underwear shows, so it must be tighter. Most competition leotards have long sleeves because they look more professional and most coaches feel that this gives a better score (although this is not officially established in a scoring system).

Can you wear leggings in gymnastics?

You can wear leggings in most gyms, especially in beginner and recreational classes. They fit snugly, so there's no risk of them snagging. Because they are fitted, trainers can also see if your legs are bent or stretched, which is very important. Leggings also allow you to show your bare feet, which is very important in gymnastics. Tights, on the other hand, are not suitable because they cover the entire foot.

Many gymnasts prefer to wear leggings during training because they provide better coverage than shorts.

At competitions, gymnasts are often not allowed to wear leggings or shorts, but this is usually not a problem during training.

Choosing the right clothes for gymnastics can be a difficult task, but that's what we're here for! The most important thing is that the gymnast feels comfortable and can move well. Below are some tips that parents can follow to make sure their child is ready for class. 

Tips for dressing your gymnast

Make sure your gymnast doesn't wear loose or baggy clothing. All gymnastics clothing is usually fitted, as this makes it easier for coaches to recognize your gymnast at different competitions and to see her well during practice. 

It is also important to avoid tight leotards and compression shorts. Clothing that is too tight can restrict the gymnast's freedom of movement and cause general discomfort during training. 

In general, it is important to keep in mind the main objective when dressing the gymnast: comfort. Destira offers a wide range of gymnastics clothing suitable for gymnasts. Our clothing is made of soft materials, has smooth seams, and offers enough protection to keep your gymnast looking their best during training! Buy now


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