What can swimmers do after retirement?

It's hard to imagine what it's like to be a retired Olympic swimmer, someone who has spent decades putting in a lot of training for swimming. How do they continue to live a "normal" life when their life after retirement is not ordinary? It must be very difficult to adjust! Because they are leaving the field and the goal they fought for for so long, they will be lost.

Not all retired athletes will be able to find another job. Because they all have specific skills that don't translate well into a job. While some swimmers can sustain themselves later in life with endorsement contracts, most don't have that, but because swimming is such a popular sport, there are still good options for swimmers even after they retire.

Become a coach or teacher

Many swimmers still don't want to give up swimming as a sport after they retire, so they become coaches or teachers by joining some swimming organizations or swim teams. Teaching will allow them to stay connected with swimming, even with the Olympics and the national team, and it provides them with a lifestyle similar to what they had as athletes.

Getting on campus

Some national sports committees or Olympic committees have developed "retirement programs" to help these retired swimmers transition their lives, including partnering with universities to provide education and training, allowing them to return to school after retirement. However, although it may help, it is also very difficult.

Become a swim commentator

For many retired swimmers, it's really, really hard to leave the sport altogether. If they don't want to teach or try a new sport, a good option after retirement is to become a swim commentator, relying on their insight and experience to analyze and comment on races.

Keep training

Unlike gymnastics and some other sports, swimming is a sport for all ages and there are pools everywhere, so even if a swimmer retires, it won't affect them to continue swimming in the pool and keep training


You will see that many of the orators nowadays are former athletes who, after retiring, will inspire more young athletes with their lifelong experiences and opinions through their speeches.


You may be wondering why swimmers choose to be psychologists after retirement. Not only swimmers, but also athletes from other sports will have a psychological fallout after retirement because they suddenly have no goals and don't know what they can do, which may lead to depression or some psychological diseases. Then, psychologists who have these experiences can make them accept through their own experiences and thus slowly heal.

Post-Retirement Mindset

The life of each athlete after retirement is very different, especially those who have won high honors, such as the frequent award-winning swimmers or world record holders or Olympic record holders, they are topped with high honors and aura, when they retire, they will often be compared, once a young swimmer breaks their records, their names may be quickly forgotten. So how do you adjust your mind?

  1. Don't wait until you are going to retire to plan the next stage of your life, because your swimming achievements will not lead you indefinitely, after retirement to put your mind at ease, after all, your swimming achievements will always be surpassed at some point.
  2. You have to realize that the greater your achievements on the field, then the greater your need to adjust after retirement, although your achievements are still there, but their eyes will slowly shift from your achievements, so do not care too much about your achievements.
  3. to know yourself well. Need to clearly understand what they are suitable to do after retirement and what will make you feel accomplished.
  4. Relax and rest. Your body and mind for a long time in a tight high-pressure environment, after retirement to integrate well into the new life should learn to relax and rest your body and mind, so that your body and mind from this tight high-pressure environment to release.
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