What body type is best for gymnastics?

Body type suitable for specific sports

Each sport not only in addition to the talent shown by the athletes and behind the extraordinary efforts,in fact,also need a "specific" body type.

For example,most of the basketball players are strong giants with an average height of 2 meters.For most sports,people with height advantages will be better,but gymnastics is one of the exceptions,gymnasts are generally shorter because shorter people are more sensitive compared to taller people,which is the "specific" body type.

body type

Technology and acquired effort is also important

Many people think that since the sport requires those with a "specific" body type,there is no hope for people like yourself who do not have a "specific" body type? Then you're wrong,that's why there is no shortage of people who are brave enough to "break the rules" in these sports!

Some of these "warriors" are far less talented and physical conditions,and some are technically incompetent,but they rely on a lot of practice and hard work,although they get a momentary highlight,but others have remembered them.So there is never a shortage of people who work hard,you may just not work hard enough for others.

Technology and acquired effort

Start with the right exercise at the right physique

The right exercise to have the right physique is a good starting,but having the right physique and not serious attitude is not allowed,which is a complete waste of the unique conditions.In every sport there are such people,they always think that their talent and physical conditions far more than others or better than others,they will slacken,will relax their requirements,and often this time,is the period when others surpass them,but also the teachers or coaches to give up on them.


When you have a very good talent or excellent physique,do not be complacent because of this superior conditions,because those conditions are not as good as you will work harder than you and will pay more than you. 

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