Toddlers love to splash around

Young children love to splash around

Baby swim classes are taught until infants and toddlers reach the age of four, and are known in the industry as "preschool."
During this time, we have dressed thousands of infants and toddlers. We make sure that the pools are "poo" protected and that our children are kept warm and safe in the water.

We have a wide range of swimming and sun protection products for older toddlers and children that can be used not only at the pool, but also on the go, in or near the water, at the beach, or while climbing into rock pools.

Keeping a cool head when it's too hot

For a two-year-old, there's nothing more frustrating than having boiling heat and sand on the ice at the same time. It's enough to cause an 8/10 tantrum. The solution is our fantastic all-in-one UV suits. These great one-piece outfits are UPF 50+ and protect your child from the sun, while the fabric wicks away sweat and keeps them cool. You can find the latest look here.

Sturdy little feet.

Now that they can walk, exploration is at the top of their list. While baby's first shoes are great for a walk in the park, they're certainly not suited for rock climbing, puddle jumping, surfing, or splashing on the beach. That's where our Splash Shoes come in. Choose between soft, protective neoprene soles for young children or, for older kids, opt for a shoe with sturdy, durable, waterproof soles and a soft, waterproof neoprene upper. These drawstring adventure shoes are comfortable, easy to clean, and virtually indestructible! Perfect for crawling toddlers and children up to age 6. To protect your feet from glass shards, sharp rocks, and cold water by slipping on a Splash Shoe.

Combine tops and shorts.

As kids grow and become more independent, it's more important that they are protected from the sun at all times. Both online and in stores, there is a wide selection of beach and summer clothing. The TENVDA store is full of luxurious fabrics and unique, fashionable designer patterns.

Learn to swim

Just in time for the vacations, toddlers and young children everywhere are learning to swim in swimming lessons. Why not help them out even more with our world-renowned swimming aids?

Or play it safe and put active toddlers in a UV swimsuit that offers UPF50+ sun protection, neck, shoulder, and burn coverage, AND has a built-in adjustable flotation system with 16 contoured floats that allow you to adjust your child's buoyancy while they learn to swim.

If you're looking for custom swim and summer products for toddlers and children ages 2 and up, you've come to the right place at Tenvda, because we're loved by parents and loved by kids.

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