The difference between tumbling and gymnastics

You may have heard of gymnastics and tumbling, but many people don't know the difference between gymnastics and tumbling, so this makes it difficult to determine which program is right for your child

What is gymnastics?

Gymnastics is a sport that requires strength, flexibility, endurance and coordination. Athletes perform handstands, turns, and tumbles on equipment such as rings, double bars, balance beam, high bar, and uneven bars.

What is tumbling?

Tumbling is also known as floor gymnastics because tumbling is basically performed on a mat or a sprung floor. Because tumbling does not require equipment compared to gymnastics? so many children can easily practice at home, and tumbling also requires explosive power.

It is the same as gymnastics also promotes the development of coordination, strength and flexibility.

Although tumbling is a movement of gymnastics, but more used in cheerleading and dance

Which is more suitable for children?

Now you know the difference between gymnastics and tumbling, but want to choose which is better for learning gymnastics or tumbling?

Age. Many gyms will recommend that your child choose to learn gymnastics because it's a relatively low start, and your child can learn gymnastics when he or she learns to walk. But tumbling is usually best for children as young as 5 or 6 years old. Whether you choose gymnastics or tumbling depends on your child's wishes and the advice of the gym instructor.

Strength. Tumbling requires more strength and skill than basic gymnastics, and instructors usually start with some gymnastics training. During gymnastics training, you can consider whether your child should learn gymnastics or tumbling, because both gymnastics and tumbling require gymnastic movements. Your child will also learn different skills, stretches and exercises. After learning tumbling you can also go in the direction of cheerleading

Get your child moving

So whether it's gymnastics or tumbling, it's important to learn the basic gymnastics moves and do basic gymnastics training first. Before learning the basic gymnastic movements and basic gymnastics training, get your child moving, both sports involve flexibility, you can try to take your child to the park, the park will usually have a bar, let your child try to climb in the bar, it is very helpful.

Benefits of gymnastics and tumbling

Gymnastics and tumbling have many benefits for our health, here are just a few

Strength. Gymnastics and tumbling require strength to complete. The average person cannot handle the weight required to perform gymnastics without strength training, so strength training can help their shoulders and hands to be strong enough to do it.

Flexibility and coordination. The flexibility and coordination of gymnastics requires athletes to complete a series of difficult movements on the equipment, while tumbling requires them to do a good job of tumbling on the floor and mat, cartwheels and backflips require a high degree of flexibility and coordination.


Before learning or training in gymnastics and tumbling, be sure to prepare for a good warm-up, which will greatly reduce the risk of injury, but also allow the child to complete the learning or training in a better condition.

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