Do You Know About Leotards?

What is a TENVDA?

TENVDA is a perfectionist, a unique and diverse style, a trusted leader in quality and affordability. Lead the trend and only do the best dance brand!

We are proud to realize our dream here. A focus on gymnastics, dance, fitness, living, and personal expression are all aspects of what we look for when bringing new products into our store. Ultimately, TENVDA is an eclectic and dynamic family.

Can you wear leotards for ballet?

Gymnastics leotards are versatile tights that come in sleeveless, short-sleeved, or long-sleeved leotards. In addition to being used in ballet, the catsuit is also suitable for training competitions, gymnastics, fitness, dance suits, tumbling classes, swimming, and more.

Why are leotards worn in gymnastics?

Professional gymnastics leotards will have a sense of oppression on the surface of the human skin, increase blood circulation on the surface of the skin, support and protect the muscles, and wrap the muscles. Feeling eager to try!


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