Is donating to charity worth it?

The spirit of an enterprise culture that runs through humanitarianism

TENVDA is a children's gymnastics leotards start-up company, dedicated to creating safe, soft, and comfortable children's ballet leotards. With the mission of children's physical and mental growth, it pays great attention to children's healthy sports growth, attaches great importance to the cultivation of humanistic spirit, advocates freedom and equality, and takes charitable donation as the spirit. This is also the original intention of the TENVDA brand. 

What is the purpose of charitable giving?

The purpose of donating is to build a beautiful home and serve the people in need. It is our company's unavoidable responsibility to move towards a bright future together with the people!

Why the TENVDA brand is out of the ordinary?

Different from other brands, the TENVD brand has a strong sense of social responsibility, giving back to every girl who is working hard for their dreams with the most exciting pricing! We hereby promise that the TENVDA brand will donate 10% of the sales profit as a public welfare activity, continue to pass on every love and bring warmth to everyone who needs warmth, and call on entrepreneurs to help public welfare undertakings together and make the world a better future!

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