Swimwear Washing Tips

Bathing suits appear a lot in the summer,which is great and proves that a really enjoyable time was spent all summer long.However,it also means that you have to wash your swimsuit frequently,and if you buy a bad quality swimsuit it can add to the wear and tear of your swimsuit.

So,here are some tips on how to wash your swimwear that will help your bathing suits still look great and fit well.

The Importance of Rinsing

Rinsing your swimsuit as soon as possible can have a huge impact.A quick rinse should be done after wearing or before leaving the beach or pool to minimize the amount of time contaminants such as salt,chlorine and sunscreen remain on the fabric.

Because sunscreen is especially damaging to swimwear,those containing minerals can cause yellowing or staining over time.And chlorine exposure can cause colors to fade even faster.

Can put a bathing suit in the washing machine?

It depends on the label on your swim suit,and many times it tells you that hand washing is better.However,there are some companies that make swimsuits with machine-washable fabrics,so be sure to check the label on your swimsuit before washing.

How to hand wash a swimsuit?

It is best not to use laundry detergent

Although the label on the bathing suit tells you that you can use laundry detergent,laundry detergent is too harsh on spandex swimwear and often causes fading,especially in bright colors.Instead,using a mild hand sanitizer will help your new swimsuit last longer.

The suit is then soaked for 15 minutes and gently rinsed to remove dirt and chemicals.

Empty the sudsy water and refill the sink with cool,clean water to rinse the bathing suit.Gently squeeze out the water-no wringing!Roll the swimwear in a terrycloth towel to absorb excess water.

What is the right way to dry a swimsuit?

Unlike with washing,where some suits can be put in a machine-washer,no bathing suit should ever be dried in a dryer.You should also be cautious not to hand up the swimsuit to dry as it causes water to pool at the bottom of the swim suits,stretching it out.You should also not dry your swimsuit in direct sunlight,which can lead to premature color fading.

The best way to dry your swim wear is to press the excess water onto a flat surface,taking care not to wring it out.To remove excess water,you can also roll your swimsuit in a clean,dry towel.Finally,just place it on a flat surface and continue to air dry.


1.Don't soak a swimsuit overnight.This can loosen fibers.

2.Don't hang a swimsuit on a metal rod to dry.Hanging can alter the shape of the garment,while the metal rod could leave a rust mark that's impossible to get out.

3.You can use baking soda instead of washing powder or hand soap to clean.Just fill the sink with cool water,add the baking soda,let your suit soak,rinse it out and hang it to dry.

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