Swimming needs talent?

Talent is not a particularly good indicator

There is no shortage of physically gifted athletes in every sport, but is physical talent a good indicator? Does it mean that a young swimmer who breaks a record of a predecessor in a race is very talented? No, physical talent is only an indicator of potential, and effort is arguably one of the most important indicators. In swimming, breaking records is something that happens all the time and is not one of the criteria to be measured.

Common characteristics of swimmers

  1. Effort. If you are a talented swimmer, but you don't work hard, or not hard enough, it doesn't matter how much superior physical talent you have. However, if you are just an average swimmer, or even a swimmer, it is possible to become a top swimmer through your own hard work.
  2. Endurance / Perseverance. Swimming is one of the most challenging sports because of its high mental and physical demands. In a sport like swimming, which is physically and mentally demanding, it is especially important to have good endurance and perseverance  
  3. Fatigue. Fatigue is common for athletes, who may train all night or get up in the middle of the night to train. And their bodies are in a state of training for a long time, so it is normal to be tired often.
  4. Hunger. Don't be surprised if you see a swimmer who eats a lot, it's entirely possible, and probably the norm for the average swimmer. Because they are like a vacuum cleaner, they have to eat constantly to fuel their bodies.

How to become a better swimmer

Swim regularly. As a swimmer, swimming regularly is something they have to accomplish and they stay in the water the longest. The more you swim, the more progress you will make

Have good technique. In every training session, find the shortcomings of your technique and then perfect it. Don't underestimate these small details or changes in technique, it could make your technique go further!

Video. If it is a professional team or team, video is indispensable, it will clearly show you what you need to improve and how your competitors are doing, it will help you a lot.

Challenge yourself. If you are a top swimmer, then you can try to challenge yourself. Try to make it a little more difficult for yourself and give yourself a sense of pressure, this can be done to hone the athlete's own mentality and athleticism

Keep learning. Whether you're a top swimmer or an average swimmer, it's important to keep an attitude of learning, and only by continuing to learn can you improve your skills.

Establish goals. This goal can be a person, an honor, or a record. Whether it is a person or honor or record, once they become your goal, you have to work hard for this goal, to exceed or break this goal, which will become your motivation for success!


Success is actively working toward your goals. Talent will fade, but effort will not, and when there is talent without effort, effort will overcome talent.

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