Style Of Swimsuit


Swimwear can be used to showcase the wearer's physical features, such as in beauty pageants or bodybuilding competitions

Competitive swimwear is swimwear, clothing, equipment, and accessories used in swimming, diving, synchronized swimming, triathlon, water polo, and other aquatic sports.

Some swimsuits are designed for competitive swimming, and they may be made of special low resistance fabrics that reduce skin resistance. For certain types of swimming and diving, special tight-fitting trunks called "wetsuits" are worn.

Modern swimwear comes in a very wide range of styles, with different body coverings and materials. The choice of style may depend on contemporary fashion and personal taste.

For example, the choice also takes into account whether it can be worn for activities such as sunbathing, or for activities such as surfing or swimsuit competitions.

Today's women prefer one-piece swimsuits to split swimsuits. It can complement many shapes and come in a variety of styles.

For casual swimwear, there are the following forms:

1. Halter swimsuit combinations consist of two pieces, but around the waist for a slimmer figure. The bottom depends on whether you choose shorts or shorts.

2. Tankini: One piece covers the chest and stomach (like a tankini) and the other covers the hips and buttocks. Leaving a small gap between the belly button and hips, there are several styles to choose from.

3. Burqini: Covers the entire body and head in a manner similar to a diver's wetsuit.

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