Open Gym Gymnastics for Kids

The general concept of open gymnastics is that participants engage in unstructured gymnastics activities. 

5 Benefits of Open Gym Gymnastics for Kids

It's a safe space to explore creativity.

In an open gym, children have the freedom to make their own choices by exploring different areas and experimenting with a variety of equipment. This freedom goes hand-in-hand with the creativity and confidence necessary for children to create their practice and find their own signature - literally and figuratively.

Rest assured that no child practicing in an open gym is ever left unsupervised. Professional coaches are always present, supervising and helping. However, all children have the freedom to go their own way - an important concept of open gymnastics.

Improved coordination and motor skills

Coordination is an important motor skill for children to develop and cultivate as they grow. We all rely on motor skills to accomplish everyday tasks such as eating, typing, writing, and even operating our beloved technological devices.

Children's gymnastics promotes the maturation of these crucial motor skills. Children's gymnastics constantly make minor adjustments through a rapid sequence of movements.

The speed required in gymnastics heightens children's awareness and concentration, which greatly improves coordination. The end result is continuous improvement in fine motor skills.

The foundation of agility

Like all children's gymnastics, open gymnastics promotes flexibility. However, the concept of flexibility goes beyond what is seen on the surface. The more flexible a child's muscles are, the less likely he or she is to pull a muscle or tear a tendon while performing basic daily tasks or other activities.

Greater flexibility also means that muscles can function optimally. That's why it's so important that every cardio activity begins with a light stretch and, most importantly, ends with a stretching sequence. The earlier a child can start building their flexibility core, the better. For this very reason, it is not at all uncommon for young children to be enrolled in gymnastics classes.

Strengthening self-confidence and self-esteem

Acquiring physical strength and awareness of what the human body is capable of can only boost your child's self-confidence. An open gym class is a safe space where children can challenge themselves and see the direct result of their efforts. Participation in gymnastics classes leads to immediate results that only get better with regular practice.

With the encouragement and support of parents and expert coaches, young athletes can reach their potential and see their efforts rewarded with mastery of this exciting sport. At the same time, children also learn to interact with coaches and peers, developing important social and communication skills.

Gymnastics in open gyms is a lot of fun for kids.

And last but not least, gymnastics is fun to learn and train! The concept of open gymnastics is firmly based on the idea that every child should have a good time with his or her classmates. In most cases, it is possible to introduce some light competition-after all, a little healthy competition is good for the kids-but competition is never, under any circumstances, the only goal of open gymnastics.

If your child is reluctant to participate in team sports, consider trying open gymnastics as an ideal alternative. One of the greatest benefits is the social opportunity the classes provide.

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