Level 8 Gymnastics: What to Know About the Requirements

You are here because you are done with Level 7, right? Good luck on this one! ...Level 8.

Reaching this Level in your match means it's time to interchange the initial basement you have included. You then do jumps on the horizontal bar, having rotated into your floor passes. Hey girl, commend yourself for getting this far. The reason is that this is the most challenging Level in gymnastics, and it's not by deceit that you have gained the qualities needed for you to finish.

We have compiled a list of the requirements needed for each episode in level 8. This is to aid you in comprehending any skill you may have left out. We intend to assist you in achieving an outstanding practice in readiness for the competition.


Here are the requirements entailed in each episode that you will participate in Level 8. It is essential to note that the USAG mandates you to have all these requirements to commence your acrobatics at 10.0. Consider visiting the USAG's website if you wish to receive detailed information on the required conditions.

We are confident that our list will make your mode of practice simple to apprehend and put into effect!


There are restrictions to several certified vaults that one must do at Level 8 to commence at a 10.0 figure. These are:

  • Handstand at a 2/1 rotation
  • Handstand rotation (that is, towards the table) to 2/1 rotation
  • Handstand ¼ rotation to 2 ¼ rotation
  • Tsukahara tuck salto
  • Tsukahara pike salto
  • Yurchenko tuck salto
  • Yurchenko pike salto
  • Yurchenko to 2/1 rotation

Unequal Bars

It is mandatory for movements made in Level eight, and those that surpass it have a minimum of 8 components. Components 'A' and 'B' are permitted along with the 'C' element. For you to commence at the 10.0 value, here's what you require:
The least number of transitions you can have from high bar to low bar or vice versa is one with an exemption of when you do squats on low jump to high bar.
You will need two basics' B' that differ or compare. Even with this, one B' is mandated to have flight OR turn (ex.'s 1) overshoot or 2) pirouette in a handspring.
Have one 'B' element that can make a 360-degree rotation, exempting a clear hip that can rotate to a 45 degree or beyond
Except for the design flyaway, the least you can have for element A' is a jump disembark.
If you wish to build a consistent model of practice that initiates from a 10.0 value, you ought to have the capability to execute sufficient elements' 'B' or 'C.' And if you can achieve this, then you can go for the A' descend. On the other hand, if you have a short height, you can achieve your requirements if you choose 'B.' Although this necessitates you to be in a position where you can fully perform a double tuck jump C' descend. The basics 'A' can stand in for 'B.'

Balance Beam

Level 8 gives a gymnast 1 minute and 30 seconds to balance themselves on the horizontal bar. The following requirements constitute the routine in Level 8:
Have not less than two elements for an Acro series, not considering the flic-flic
A minor rotation you can make is a 360 degrees
Excluding the front end of the beam, the nominal position you can execute is the 'A' jump descend
Make a jump that rotates to 180 degrees
The horizontal bar mode of practice aligns with how well a gymnast can execute their ideas and elements.


You will not reduce your 10.0 start value while on the floor with these elements.
Make three jumps that differ as you practice.
Constitute two jumps or those that are perhaps connected to make one acro series that has three flight basics
Dance passage has two differing basics, and one has to make a jump that rotates 180 degrees.
It is mandatory to have elements 'A,' two 'B's' and some 'C' in this floor routine.

Being at level 8 shows that you have been persistent since the first Level. So we hope you do the same throughout this season! Make sure to peep our Bold Moves for our newest gymnastic leotards to wear during your routines.


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