Is cheerleading and gymnastics the same

What's the first thing you think of when you hear cheerleading? Basketball? Soccer? Baseball? Performance? These are all related to cheerleading, but do you think of gymnastics? You may think how gymnastics is related to cheerleading? No, there is, in fact, cheerleading is similar to tumbling, a kind of gymnastics. However, cheerleading is more of a performance element.

What's the difference?

The position is different.Cheerleading, like tumbling, is a sport performed on the floor. Usually you see cheerleaders in schools or at big sporting events on TV, they are there to get the mood and atmosphere going and to liven up the scene. Gymnastics, on the other hand, is usually performed on the apparatus, more for competition, full of tension and rigor.

The difference between tumbling.Cheerleaders do include tumbling in their performance, just like gymnastics. Cheerleaders are most commonly seen doing back handsprings and back knees, while gymnasts have more complex tumbling and other moves, which are much harder than cheerleading.

Training content is different.Cheerleaders are generally trained to walk and dance in unison as well as some difficult performances, while gymnasts are trained to be more boring and complex than this. Cheerleading is more like dancing to live music to help get the home fans and audience excited.

Strength.The level of strength required of a gymnast is far greater than most cheerleaders possess, especially in the upper body. Gymnastics requires long tumbling, lifting and bracing; cheerleaders can learn simple tumbling and lifting without much strength.

Grading.Gymnastics has several levels, each with different standards and movements to master, while cheerleading is not as strict.

Social differences between cheerleading and gymnastics

Gymnastics is a sport where gymnasts build friendships and are more about strengthening their bodies. Cheerleading, on the other hand, is a sport that promotes socialization. Because cheerleading is mostly seen in competitions, arenas, and schools, while gymnastics is basically a gymnastics studio.

Injuries in cheerleading and gymnastics

Do you think that cheerleading is easy and therefore less prone to injury? In fact, cheerleading is also very easy to be injured, cheerleading is the nature of performance in the inside, so it is necessary to cheerleaders often do some difficult movements: general cheerleading coach or captain will find a team member as a "flyer", "flyer" is that The cheerleader is thrown into the air and then caught by the teammates below, if the teammates below do not catch, the cheerleader may be seriously injured, or even die.

In some ways, cheerleading can be scarier than high-level gymnastics because in cheerleading, you are putting your trust and your life in the hands of others.


Those who can gymnast must cheer, while cheerleaders do not necessarily know how to gymnast. Whether you are going to professional gymnastics or cheerleading, the foundation of gymnastics is the most important thing. Whether it's gymnastics or cheerleading, it's important to train more to reduce the chance of injury.

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