How to keep the durability of the swimsuit?

How long should I wear the swimsuit?

Summer is the best time to go to the beach and wear a swimsuit,so you can show off your long-held swimsuits,but make sure you have a nice,flattering one on hand! If you have a swimwear,then you need to think about these questions: Do you need a new bathing suit? When did you buy this swimsuit? How long should I wear the swimsuit? We can usually only answer the first two questions.

Is it time to buy a new swimsuit?

Before considering this question,do you have only one swimsuit,or do you have more than two swimsuits that you can alternate between? If it is only one swimwear,you have to quickly check if there is wear and tear you can check by these points:

  • Look for pilling and fading of the bathing suit or loose stitching
  • Testing the leg openings of the swimsuit,as well as testing the elasticity of the shoulder straps and back straps.
  • Try it on and see if the swimwear is normal.

If no problems are checked according to these points,congratulations,your swimsuit can continue to use.

What should I do to extend the life of my swimsuit?

To keep your swimsuit looking great,take care of it by following these tips:

  1. Rinse as soon as possible.When you finish swimming or wearing a bathing suit on the beach to enjoy the end,to rinse your swimsuit as soon as possible.Because,sunscreen and the oil secreted on the body will cause wear and tear on the swimwear.The salt and other substances in the sea water and the chlorine in the pool will destroy the life of the swimsuits,washing as soon as possible can help reduce the residual chlorine and sea water in the swimsuit.
  2. How to flush.It's best to hand wash your swimsuit.Never wash your bathing suit in the washing machine,although it's very convenient,the way it's washed can damage your delicate swimsuit,causing it to become gathered,stretched or otherwise ill-fitting.
  3. Drying.Wash your swimsuits with a mild detergent.When you finish washing,you should not hang the swimsuit in a place where it is exposed to the sun,it is better to put it flat in a cool and ventilated position,because hanging the swimsuit will make it deformed.

Can you buy the corresponding swimsuit according to the relevant issues

If the problem with your swimsuit is fading,you should look for a swimwear with a high polyester content A swimsuit made of 100% polyester can last up to 2 years depending on how often it is worn,this bathing suit also tends to keep its shape because the polyester fabric is not damaged by chlorine like nylon or spandex,which is the most common swimsuit material,the only disadvantage of this swimsuit is that it is less elastic and therefore provides a tighter fit.

You are the only one who can decide how long you want to wear your swimsuit.

The general life of a swimsuit should be between three months and one year,and its life depends on the quality of your swimsuit and the frequency of use and maintenance methods afterwards.There are things you can do to help it last longer,but anyway,take good care of your swimwear,even if you have two or more pieces that can be used interchangeably.

Which brand of swimwear to choose?

If you are buying for your daughter,TENVDA is a good choice,TENVDA's swimsuits are made of fabrics with good breathability,comfort and flexibility,which will better protect your daughter.

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